Marble Bar where it’s bloody Hot.

1421979604515It’s Marble Bar – it’s hot all the time’
Despite the mercury being tipped to hit 49 degrees in the small Western Australian outback town of Marble Bar, it is just another day for locals.
On Friday, the temperature had already reached 47.5 degrees at midday.
The manager of Marble Bar’s Iron Clad Hotel, Thomas Fox, told Fairfax Media he wasn’t expecting any more or any less people in the bar this afternoon.
“We expect the same amount of people, I can pretty much give you all the names of the people that’ll be here this afternoon,” he said.
“It’s Marble Bar, it’s bloody hot all the time, 44-45 degrees celsius is run-of-the-mill.”
Marble Bar set a record of 49.2 degree celsius in January, 1922.
Western Australia’s hottest recorded temperature was 50.5 degrees at Mardie in 1998, while the national record was set in 1960 by South Australia’s Oodnadatta when it reached 50.7 degrees.
Mr Fox said there were currently less than 100 people in town to which the heat “doesn’t make much difference”.
Northern Western Australia and parts of the Northern Territory are expecting temperatures nudging 50C as a heatwave drags into Australia during January.
Marble Bar and Roebourne are expecting tops of 49 degrees with 48 degrees in Port Hedland and Telfer, and 47 degrees in Paraburdoo, Pannawonica, Mount Augustus and Gascoyne Junction as a large, slow-moving mass of hot air sits over northern Western Australia, Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Mark Paull said.
“It’s summer, and we have pretty good easterly winds pushing pushing off through the Pilbara and the Gascoyne area, so that’s what’s causing those high temperatures.
Those winds are holding off the sea breezes,” he said.
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The Cefn Sidan Silky Back Beach on a Spring Evening.

Cefn Sidan beach in Carmarthenshire on a glorious spring evening.
Image Credit: Photograph by Steve Huggett.
Cefn Sidan, translated from Welsh, means “Silky Back”.
This long sandy beach and its dunes form the outer edge of the Pembrey Burrows between Burry Port and Kidwelly, facing southwestwards over Carmarthen Bay in South Wales.
Cefn Sidan beach is backed by dunes, salt marshes, Pembrey Forest and the Pembrey Country Park.
Source: Your Pictures: 05 April – 12 April 2017 – BBC News

‘The Island of Tears’ Spinalonga.

imageSpinalonga (photograph by Ggia/Wikimedia)
Abandoned: Mid-20th Century
Eerie Elements: After being carved off Crete to be a fortress, Spinalonga — sometimes called the Island of Tears — last served as a leper colony in the 20th century.
Can You Go? While once lepers shuddered to enter the island’s isolation through “Dante’s Gate,” now tourists are welcomed for visits with open arms, as long as they leave before the day is out.
Spinalonga in 2011 (photograph by Deror_avi/Wikimedia)
via Ghost Islands: Eight of the Eeriest Abandoned Places on the Seas | Atlas Obscura.

Coaxing the Kids to see the Barrenjoey Lighthouse

The view from Barrenjoey Lighthouse.
Image Credit:Photograph by Beth · · From Pic of the Week
We are living aboard our 35 foot catamaran Bella Luna and we (particularly the captain) like walking up hills.
I’m happy to walk up hills too as long as there’s something up the top.

In order to coax the two small people (a nine year old and a six year old) up to see the Barrenjoey Lighthouse…basically…we lied, and told them the playground was up there.
They were, however, quite consoled by the view and the fact that there’s steps to climb up and a track to climb down – or vice versa.
Source: ABC OPEN: The view from Barrenjoey Lighthouse. || From Project: Pic of the Week

Walking the Larapinta Trail.

Walking the ridge of the Macdonnell Range.
Image Credit: Photograph by KatieT · · From Pic of the Week.
Walking the Larapinta Trail was a long-held dream, which we hoped to finally realise this year.
However, with such unseasonably high temperatures, and associated risks and injuries, we were forced to pull out after only completing one 75 kilometre section.
But we will return to complete it one day, no doubt about that.
Knowing your limits and when to give in, is just as important as wanting to begin a challenge in the first place.
An amazing experience in a beautiful, yet unforgiving, part of the Australia…. we will be back….
Alice Springs, Northern Territory.
Source: ABC OPEN: Walking the ridge of the Macdonnell Range – Larapinta Trail || From Project: Pic of the Week

Wineglass Bay.

wineglass-bay-1[6]by Kaushik.
Located on Tasmania’s Freycinet Peninsula, Wineglass Bay is one of the most photogenic beaches in Australia.
This crescent-shaped beach of dazzling white sand and sapphire-coloured sea is considered among the top ten beaches in the world.
Wineglass Bay is a good hour’s hike from the Parsons Cove car park, but it’s from the saddle track over the jagged granite peaks called “The Hazards”, that one can have the best view.
From this vantage point you can see the beautiful curving, brilliant white sand beach, with a foreground of bright blue water, and background of dense green vegetation.
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