‘Grand Sunset’ by Dustin Penman.

Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Grand Sunset” by Dustin Penman.
Location of Shot: Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington.
See more of Dustin Penman’s photography at wallcandyimages.com.
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Source: Photo Of The Day By Dustin Penman – Outdoor Photographer

Ferris Wheel at Scheveningen Pier.

by​ Kevin Clln
Last year I moved to The Hague, Netherlands and I was immediately amazed by the pier in the Beach Resort of Scheveningen, which is the location of the only Ferris Wheel built over the water in Europe.
It became one of my favorite locations for my Project #thebeautythehague, where I showcase pictures of the city.

Especially in the winter or during bad weather I love to be on the beach, because you will be mostly alone and will feel the wrath of the nature on you.
More info: coellnerphotography.com | Instagram
Source: I Live Close To The Only Ferris Wheel Over The Water In Europe… And It’s Amazing | Bored Panda

Sunrise at a Dairy Farm in Gerroa.

This New South Wales dairy farmer at Gerroa has had a tough time lately with a big price drop and trying to keep the black dog at bay, but he says sunrise puts everything back into perspective.
Gerroa is a coastal town in the Municipality of Kiama, in the Illawarra region of New South Wales, Australia, 133 kilometres south of Sydney.
Nearby towns are Gerringong, Kiama and Berry.
Image Credit: Photograph by ABC Open contributor Farmer Paul.
Source: Sunrise at the dairy farm Pic of the Week – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Night covers Josephine Falls.

Photograph and story by Jared Morgan – From Pic of the Week
I have always gravitated to night photography.
Mundane places can be very different, even spectacular when viewed through the filter of the darkness.
I also love landscape photography and with the arrival of the ‘wet season’ it was time to combine these two.
I waited until just on dark at Josephine Falls (about an hour south of Cairns), the last of the die hard tourists were all leaving.
I was alone, and surrounded by nothing but darkness and the noise of the wildlife waking to begin their nocturnal forays.
The photo was taken with a single long exposure whilst I ‘painted’ in areas I wished to light with a handheld torch.
I often consider this a very pure form of photography, even though the results sometimes seem dreamy and surreal.
The term photography means ‘drawing or writing with light’.
And like writing, every one has a unique way. Not right or wrong, just different.
It is a language, however, we can all understand.
Wooroonooran QLD 4860
Source: ABC OPEN: Nightfalls… || From Project: Pic of the Week