Car Culture in the 1920s-1930s.

Pictured: A Washington DC filling station in 1924. I get the feeling that a number of the onlookers were invited along for the photograph.
Image Credit: Shorpy.

Pictured: A Car Crash in Washington DC, circa 1921.

Pictured: A wonderful photograph of life around a country store and filling station in Gordonton, North Carolina, circa 1939.
Image Credit: Shorpy

Barn Owl on the Hunt.

Barn owl hunting by house by Jamie Hall, Suffolk, England.
Gold award winner in the birds in the garden category.
A barn owl ( Tyto alba) hunts for vole and rats against the photographer’s patio light.
Image Credit: Photograph by Jamie Hall/2017 Bird Photographer of the Year Awards
Source: Bird Photographer of the Year 2017 – in pictures | Environment | The Guardian

Fashion in the Edwardian Era: c.1900.

Women’s Fashion of Edwardian Era: The Period of the Gowns
Photographic portraits of Edwardian women’s fashion demonstrates a simplification in fashion from the Victorian era.
However, there was more creativity and innovation, especially with gowns.
These glamorous photos of women in their gowns from the 1900s will prove this.

Source: Women’s Fashion of Edwardian Era: The Period of the Gowns ~ vintage everyday

Spectacular Sunset, Illawara District.

Sunset Spectacular
Image Credit: Photograph by Mark Scott · · From Pic of the Week
The Illawarra is a beautiful part of this country with abundant photo opportunities for all.
I am an amateur photographer. I have several photo preferences.
These being street art and people, and sunsets and sunrises.
Wollongong NSW 2500
Source: ABC OPEN: Sunset spectacular || From Project: Pic of the Week