Monument Valley, Navajo Nation Reservation.

Monument Valley sits on the Utah-Arizona border, within the Navajo Nation reservation.
The iconic sandstone buttes that dot the valley floor can mostly be accessed or viewed from Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, which—though instantly recognizable—has many fewer visitors annually than the nearby Grand Canyon.

Gathered here, a collection of images of some of the many moods of the valley, from wild storms to dusky evenings to bright, sunlit panoramas.
First Image: Monument Valley, as viewed from Hunts Mesa, near the Utah-Arizona border. Photograph by Chan Srithaweeporn / Getty
Second Image: Sunset under a dramatic sky in Monument Valley, as seen from Arizona. Photograph by Dean Fikar / Getty
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Sunrise Storm Cloud over Mono Lake.

Photo Of The Day is “Sunrise Storm Cloud Over Mono Lake” photograph by Jeff Sullivan.
Location: Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve, California.
“It started raining as I walked to the shore of Mono Lake before dawn,” says Sullivan. “I hadn’t dressed for rain, so I almost turned around and headed back to my car. The rain shower didn’t last long, and it’s fortunate that I didn’t leave since the rain showers drifted out onto the lake and were lit up by the first rays of the sunrise!”
Exposure: 0.8 sec., f/16, ISO 50, 24mm. Three one-stop bracketed exposures were adjusted in Adobe Lightroom then combined in Photomatix 6 HDR software.
Source: Photo Of The Day By Jeff Sullivan – Outdoor Photographer

White Noise Landscape, California.

White Noise
60 miles north of Los Angeles, California are the towering mountains of the Los Angeles National Forest.
The scenery drastically changing with the passing of each season.
Trees that were once caught in a sea of roaring flames now stand quietly covered in snow.
Image Credit: Photograph by Josue SilvaLancaster, California.
Source: White Noise | Smithsonian Photo Contest | Smithsonian

Cheeky little Squirrel does the ‘splits’.

Whether an animal is the hunter or the hunted, surviving in the wild is serious business.
And while many wildlife photographers aim to capture this “dog-eat-dog” world, some have been able to show that even the toughest creatures have their silly moments. Now in its fourth year, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards recently released some of the funniest entries from the 2018 competition so far.
Founded by Tom Sullam and Paul Joynson-Hicks, the annual competition aims to “raise awareness of wildlife conservation through the power of laughter.”
This year’s hilarious entries include this one of a rather acrobatic squirrel, caught mid-split by Geert Weggen.
Source: Hilarious Entries from the 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards so Far

Mariam an orphaned baby Dugong now safe.

Ko Libong, Thailand
Mariam the dugong is cared for by park officials and veterinarians from the Phuket marine biological centre on Libong island.
The orphaned baby dugong rescued off a beach in Krabi province has captured the hearts of millions on social media and ignited awareness for ocean conservation.
Image Credit: Photograph by Sirachai Shin Arunrugstichai/AFP/Getty Images
Source: The 20 photographs of the week | Art and design | The Guardian