“Wet and Miserable.”

Photo by davetomo · · From Pic of the Week
This little Silvereye is not really enjoying a shower in my backyard.
The Silvereye is a small bird with a conspicuous ring of white feathers around the eye, and belongs to a group of birds known as white-eyes.
The Silvereye shows interesting plumage variations across its range.
The grey back and olive-green head and wings are found in birds through the east, while western birds have a uniformly olive-green back.
Breeding birds of the east coast have yellow throats, pale buff flanks (side of the belly) and white on the undertail.
Wedderburn VIC 3518
Source: ABC OPEN: “Don’t feel like tweeting in the rain!” || From Project: Pic of the Week

Mother Brain by Landscape Photographer of the Year.

Alex Noriega from the United States of America was named International Landscape Photographer of the Year for his folio submission, including the aerial photo (above) called “Mother Brain”, which was taken over the Colorado Plateau, in south-western America.
Source: Best landscape photos of 2016 announced – Australian Geographic

“Tinja’s Husky Farm.”

Tinja’s husky farm lies off the grid: she cooks and heats with a wood stove, lights her home with candles and has to break the ice of the river every morning to get some water with a bucket.
Image Credit: Photograph by Brice Portolano.
In northern Finland, husky farmers like Tinja will go more than a month without seeing the sun in winter.
Living 180 miles from the nearest town, she works in freezing temperatures for much of the year in order to feed and care for the 85 dogs on her farm.
When Brice Portolano arrived in Lapland in early January to see her, the polar night was beginning to end and the sun was slowly returning to the Arctic landscape.
“The first day lasted just nine minutes,” he says, “suffice to say, the evening are long and pass by in candle light”.


For 20 days, the Parisian-based photographer swapped his temperate city climate to stay in Inari with Tinja and her husband Alex, a former professional skier who now works as a race musher.
“While looking for a story to shoot in Northern Finland, I discovered Tinja’s existence through her website,” says Portolano, 24.
“It usually takes me some time to find the right character for such a story but I found Tinja quite quickly and immediately sent her an email, telling her about my project”.
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“1990s Punks of Belfast.”

Photographer Ricky Adam captured the punk scene in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which was centred on the Warzone collective and its spittle-flecked venue, Giros.
Here he gives the background to each image.
‘I got my first camera in 1997. I just snapped photos here and there: I was more into the music and drumming in bands. I didn’t really know what I was doing, which in some ways was quite good.
There’s an innocent youthfulness that comes through.’
A book, Belfast Punk, is out now, published by Damiani.
All photographs: Ricky Adam


‘This is Mero, vocalist with the band Knifed. I just remember turning around and these kids appeared from nowhere during a break in the set.
Mero started asking them if they were enjoying the show, much to the amusement of the crowd. Probably scarred them for life’
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“Snaefellnes Peninsula.”

More notable Australian accolades include the winner of the Black and White Award 2016, which went to Australian photographer Guy Havell for this image taken on Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland, which is a very long way from Guy’s home in Australia.
Source: Best landscape photos of 2016 announced – Australian Geographic

“Aurora Borealis lights up Reykjavik.”

12Street lighting in Reykjavik was switched off for an hour on Wednesday evening to give residents of the Icelandic capital a better view of the Aurora Borealis.
Most parts of the world’s northernmost capital city, including the centre, went dark from 10:00pm.


“Residents are invited to join in by turning out the lights at home so as to maximise the darkness and minimise light pollution,” the local government said earlier in a statement.


The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, are multi-coloured natural illuminations caused by interactions between solar winds and the Earth’s magnetic field.
Source: Northern Lights trump street lights in Iceland – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)