Smog covers Tianjin City.

Tianjin city in China, is blanketed by smog in January, 2017.
Tianjin (formerly romanized as Tientsin, is a coastal metropolis in northern China and one of the nine national central cities of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), with a total population of 15,621,200 as of 2016.
Image Credit: Photograph by Reuters.
Source: This Week in Pictures Photos | Image #1 – ABC News

Gendarmes on patrol at Oye Plage beach, Calais.

Calais, France
French gendarmes patrol the beach of Oye-Plage near Calais as they try to intercept migrants attempting to cross the Channel.
The number of migrants attempting to cross one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes rose to 504 last year, up from just 13 in 2017.
Image Credit: Photograph by Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty Images
Source: The 20 photographs of the week | Art and design | The Guardian

The Lady in the Lake, Alaska.

Contributor: debthomson
The Lady of the Lake is what they call the ghostly remains of a WB-29 Superfortress, a weather reconnaissance aircraft retired in 1955 that sits partially submerged in an Alaskan lake at Eielson AFB.
Once used for open water extrication training until it became too dangerous to serve even that purpose, the Lady of the Lake was once a recon craft that flew over the North Pole.
Stripped of all parts and placed in the lake on the Eielson Air Force Base, she was used for training for several years, interrupted only by the winter weather.
One spring, the water in the lake rose too high to reach her, so there she sits, until someone decides to rescue her, or at least continue to pretend to rescue her, over and over.
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Alone in Finland.

wanderer_2-1024x683Photographer Tiina Törmänen likes to be alone when she shoots … really, really alone.
For her most recent series, she drove out into Finland’s frigid wilderness to take stunning self-portraits under the Northern Lights.
She calls the project Wanderer, aptly named given the stark and beautiful loneliness of her photos.
Törmänen started the series while working as a hotel chef in Kilpisjärvi, a remote village in northern Finland.
At the end of her shift, the photographer would take off on a snowmobile into the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area nearby, often shooting until the wee hours of the morning.
She patiently scouted wide-open landscapes for the perfect shot and made long exposures that capture her standing under a display of brilliant and star-packed skies.
“I was so impressed with the loneliness, the air and the silence,” she says. “Out there you feel so small because there is only cold and ice.”
Törmänen has taken photos of the Northern Lights for years and was a bit bored with the dancing colors that delight most people.
She decided to place herself in frame to add a sense of scale to the vastness, and wore a headlamp as a fun visual element. To get each shot, Törmänen set her Canon 5D Mark III on a tripod and used a timer to delay the shutter.
She then walked out into position and moved her headlamp slightly to create a patch of light instead of a solitary beam.
She traveled nearly 150 miles in total, sometimes in temperatures as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit.
via Breathtaking Self-Portraits Under Finland’s Northern Lights | WIRED.

Black & White Images by Winram.

Laurence-Winram01An ongoing series of double exposure portraits by Scottish photographer Laurence Winram.
When I was out shooting the background bushes image I had some guy come up to me asking why I’m shooting ‘dead trees’. Laurence-Winram06I did explain how it would be used but his face never gave that look of understanding of what the hell I was on about.
I just have to live with it that someone out there thinks I shoot dead trees for fun.
I just should have said I was a twitcher, is that less weird?
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Lightning and stars a perfect combination.

Lightning and stars a perfect combination
Image Credit: Photograph by Penney Hayley · · From Stargazing
As I watch this electrical storm move around Lake Kununurra in Western Australia I realized that the stars were also visible.
Personally I believe Ii’s a great combination.
Kununurra has sky is unpolluted and as I was shooting away from the town, light pollution wasn’t an issue either.
What I hadn’t thought about was the local crocodile population that live here and on my way down to the waters edge at a fairly quick pace without any lights, I was face to tail with a fresh water crocodile so after my heart stopped racing I set up on a tripod and commenced taking some long exposure shots and this is my favorite.
Source: ABC OPEN: Lightning and stars a perfect combination || From Project: Stargazing