Hans Roling.

There is absolutely no truth in the rumour that Hans Roling wasn’t having a good time at the O’Donnell table at the Reunion. Just look at him here he’s laughing kitbags! I think…

Allan Dell.

I have known Allan Dell since July, 1973 when on my first day at work Bob Downs ‘anKissMyArse’ warned me that a gentleman Allan (2L’s) Dell battered metal type with gay abandon. “He wears hobnailed boots and then struts his stuff over the type formes,” Bob whispered’. I was horrified. Now I believed that Bob […]

Well, it’s Goodbye Pensioners…

To Help Save the Australian Economy the Morrison Government is considering deporting Old Age Pensioners who the Dept. of Deportation and Transport, feels don’t serve any useful purpose living in Australia. “They have been a burden on all of us for far too long, they just cost the Government so much” said the Prime Minister. […]

Vale Bruce Watts Lockier.

Photograph: Bruce and Joan Lockier. It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Bruce Lockier on Sunday, 15 March, 2020. Joan Lockier has advised that there will be a Private Funeral and a Memorial Service at an appropriate time. Bruce was born on 24 June 1928 to parents John and Lilian Lockier […]

Dirty Tricksters: Lockier, Bastard Driver and Bomber Gurr.

Bruce Lockier nailed an empty sardine can under Ross Jolly’s chair in the Reading Room. Poor old Ross searched his room for days, but alas could not find where the stink was coming from. Finally he went to Lockier and pleaded with him to reveal the hiding place. What a dirty trick to play on […]

The Kiddie from Kadina.

Bruce Kutcher was born at Kadina under the shade of the Wombat Hotel. He worked for a small print shop before moving to Adelaide and settling in at the Old Guv. As a jobbing comp, Bruce was well skilled and no job was beyond his talent. He was placed under the watchful eye of Fred […]

Ron Hamence.

Ron being carried by his workmates at the Guv after the announcement of his inclusion in the 1948 Australian Cricket Test Side. ( Photo courtesy of Bruce Lockier). Ron Hamence was a hot metal compositor at the Old Guv and later became a proofreader up until his retirement. Sadly, Ron passed away in 2010, but […]

Old Guv Cricket Club, Part II.

One local trip, Bob Parker volunteered to play his piano accordion. Poor bloke got booed off both buses and never volunteered his services again. Wayne Vitnell on his first and only cricket trip, got on the bus bragging how he could outdrink everyone. He was pissed by Bordertown and spent the whole trip, sick as […]

Old Guv Cricket Club, Part I.

The Cricket Club was a major institution of the Printing Office. It began in 1951 and continued for nearly fifty years before our final visit to Melbourne in 1997. The main organisers over the years were Jack Findlay, Ron Hamence, Les Hawes, Ted Burkert, Bob Allen and Bruce Brown. The Victorian GPO first visited us […]

Little Lew Morrison.

The late Little Lew Morrison accidentally ended up in the “Royal Navy” during World War II. Whilst pretending to be a Sea Scout he got drafted and soon was entertaining all the sailors and troops. Not many knew it, but Lew looked like Fred Astaire and he danced like him as well. Well, almost! He […]