Party Girls. Who? When and Where?

Photograph: Jude Marks
It’s not often that you get a group photograph of so many attractive women from the Old Guv.
The one problem I have got with this photo that there are possibly only a couple of women I can recognise.
It looks suspiciously like a Christmas get-together.
So the questions here would be Who, When and Where?
Can anyone out there help a miserable sod called Rod?
So far I think we have got Standing: Unknown, Jean Newman (top row second from left), Ann Heilman (on the right side of Jean), then Janet McGuiness (nee Bierton) and then three Unknown ladies.
Seated: Unknown, Barbara Bobridge (nee Currie) second from left, Rose LeCornu(?), grumpy Jude Marks in the middle, Unknown, and then Jo Burnett.
Rod Parham

Chris and Louise.

Chris Wallace (Binding Room Office) and Louise Farrington (Binding Room and Micrographics, Adelaides) are both still working in Adelaide (I think).
These two very nice ladies attended the Old Guv Reunion in 2010, held at the Buckingham Arms Hotel, Walkerville.
Photo by Mark Noble.

Grunert was born at Glenelg.

Some critical loudmouths have been questioning the birthplace of our Ian ‘Grunny’ Grunert.
This nonsense so enraged ‘Big Den’ Grover that he has spent weeks trawling the Australian Trove Reference Website for any indication that our Grunny was actually born at all.
At last I am pleased to announce to the World that our best mate Grunny was born at Glenelg (the Bay) on Monday, 4 October, 1954.
Here is my undeniable Proof to the backstabbers.
CaptureBig Den

The Old Guv Girls.

Top Row (left to right): Pam Phillips, Aggie Klappers, Colleen Farrow, Chris Fitzpatrick.
Bottom Row (left to right): Charmaine Ely, Jenny Easther, Chris Wallace and Louise Farrington.
All of these nice Ladies attended the Old Guv Reunion at the Buckingham Arms Hotel in 2010.
Photo by Mark Noble.
Rod Parham

Old Guv Footy Side,1955.

gpd-footyThe Old Guv Men’s football side from 1955 at Rostrevor College Oval.
From Left to Right: Rex Wells (Comp), George Sparnon (Comp), Glyn Paul (comp), Paul Raby (Printer), Allan Hitchox (Comp), John Strudwick (Printer), Brian Long (Printer), Laurie Blackwell (Printer), Don Woolman (Comp), Mike Conroy (App. Machine Comp), Allan Swinstead (Comp), Dean Groves (Binder), Alex McDougall (Printer), Don Loose (Comp), John McInerney (Comp), Malcolm Lind (Binder), Frank Cole (Captain), Billy Ross (MonoCaster).
Kneeling: Paul Korff (App. Machine Comp), Ron Sparrow (Comp), Dick Korff (Binder).
This brave group of blokes played National Paper Industries (who used to make most of Adelaide’s paper bags) and got done.
They were wearing kit borrowed  from the Sturt Football Club and organised by Rex (Fitzy) Wells.
Photo courtesy of David Korff.


Green Teeth and other Health Hazards.

Remember when Alan Maynard used to sweep the floor at Netley with kerosene laced sawdust in order to make the parquet floor presentable.
Breathing carcinogenic, hydrocarbon fumes as part of your job (hopefully) wouldn’t happen now in the Government.
It also crossed my mind, that in the Apprentice Machine Room at the old Printer’s Trade School in Kintore Avenue they had a gas heater in the corner.
Not far away from the heater hydrocarbon fumes (Benzene and Turps) from the wash ups were floating all around in the air.
How it we didn’t have an explosion I will never know.
I can remember Clarrie the smelter at the Guv and his green teeth.  As there was no restriction on smoking in the workplace then, he was sucking on cigarettes all day.
Smoking the fags and inhaling the harmful lead fumes though the burning end of the cigarette would have meant that every breath of smoke was forming lead oxide in his mouth.
Also, I’m sure this lethal combination of lead fumes probably had something to do with the late Bob Miller’s health problems which lead to a very long sickness.
Grantley Hofmeyer