Big Den’s Sea Monkeys.


The sea monkeys you ask?
Back in the 1970s there was a fad for things like pet rocks, long hair, floral shirts, pink flares, platform shoes, glowing oil lava lamps, cheese fondue parties, Daddy Cool, Skyhooks and bloody sea monkeys.
You bought  the sea monkeys in a packet, chucked them in water and then after quite some time they started to turn into some sort of creature.
They were actually brine shimp.
Big Den loved his pet sea monkeys who swam happily around in their bowl in the work room.
But, there were some extremely jealous and psychotic compositors who hated seeing Big Den enjoying the company of his newfound tiny friends.
Den’s precious little  sea monkeys suffered a shocking and terrible fate, just ask him what those bastards did.

Alan Maynard.

img_0055-scaled696_1-scaled500It’s the one and only Alan Maynard, Cricket Club Legend.

Alan was born at Safety Bay (48 km South of Perth) in 1944.

After a lot of shifting around as a lad, he eventually settled in Adelaide where he worked for the Christies Meat Store in the City Centre as a trainee butcher and smallgoods maker.

Alan commenced with The Old Guv in 1967 mainly doing Store work.

During this time he was actively involved with the GPD Cricket Club and was a star performer (for all the wrong reasons) on the Melbourne Trips.

1024px-SafetyBayWAustSafety Bay, Western Australia.

One of my fondest memories of Alan was watching him desperately crawling down the cricket pitch at the Plympton Oval in a vain attempt to avoid being runout!


“A Beery Christmas”.

A Beery Christmas

Photo: Don’t forget to right click to view larger format.
Those Monotype blokes loved their Christmas parties didn’t they, but where is the BEER? and Who put that sign up?
The answer is the Overseer said, “No beer to be shown in photos!” And the weak bastards copped it…
Now you can have lots of fun trying to guess who’s in this photograph apart from Paul Korff (in the front, as always) and standing next to him a grinning Kevin (Danny Kaye) McBride.
See how many you can get…
Photo courtesy of the Korff Family.

Polly Waffle

Hey Rod – Just like Jude Marks I’m into horses.
Just take a look at this beauty. He is a young 72 years old and his name is Polly Waffle.
He ran second in the 1952 Melbourne Cup to Dalray.
He has had a hard life, because as a child I belted him up and down the verandah at Mile End.
He now has a new jockey whose name is Riley Kennedy our grandson.
I believe Polly waffle could scare the arse off Jude’s Dusty Tycoon and leave Dusty in her own dust.
Alex Riley

Rob Powell made a m-m-m-Mistake.

In this year of our Covid misery our friend Rob Powell has finally given all of us all a chance to have a chuckle at his expense.
What did Rob do? And what did the long suffering Wendy say?
Rob Powell worked in Jobbing at Netley in the 1970s before leaving with wife Wendy to work in Darwin and Canberra.
Remember how we cancelled our Legends Luncheon on 27 Nov. due to the Para Hills covid cluster.
Well, Rob fronted up to a deserted Westies with Wendy in tow. They waited and waited and finally left.
Wendy was angry and kept repeating “Why didn’t you ring Rod?” “I was frightened and feel such a clown” was the reply.
Alex the Toff thought it was hilarious while quickly estimating how much the Powells had wasted on petrol. A true story.

Legend Rob Powell.

Photo: Rob and Wendy Powell. Rob Powell was born at Semaphore on 2 January,1943 to parents Horrie and Del Powell. Horrie who was a required worker during WWII played footy at full back for West Adelaide and South Australia and was a life member of the SANFL.
Rob attended Grange Primary School, Findon High School and the Printing Trades School. His first print office was Bowden Printing. After Bowden’s he moved to Mitchell Press in the City and then to Bird Printers at Port Adelaide.
In 1966, Rob, along with his three brothers went to Darwin and he spent the next four years at the N.T. Government Printing Office. Arriving back in Adelaide he had a short time at Robinson’s before being interviewed by George Sparnon for a Jobbing position at the Guv.
At Netley, Rob worked in Jobbing, Monotype Keyboard and the Reading Room and like many others before him was told to “slow down” by the Comp Room Mafia.
He managed to get involved with the Office Association and the Social Club. He organised a very weird train trip to the Barossa Valley, but had much more success with the Kids Christmas parties, Netley Cabarets and Office Picnics.
Rob and an unknown person took up bootlegging with Hamilton Winery and they passed off White Diamond Rum as Bacardi at the Guv Cabarets.
In fitter days he played amateur footy for Henley Footy Club where he was known as “Gus” and umpired in Adelaide and Darwin.
Rob and Wendy have two children, Jayne in Cairns and Ben in Canberra. After ten years at the Guv he and Wendy had a brief stint in Darwin and then 20 enjoyable years in Canberra with Rob working in Government Publications.
Rob and Wendy have been back in Adelaide for quite some time and like most rich people have had some enjoyable world cruises.
In Canberra, Wendy (who was an important public servant in Canberra) had a moment of horror when she was pushed into shaking the hand of the then Prime Minister little Johnnie Howard. Sadly, a True Story.
Rob Powell you are indeed an Old Guv Legend.

Have a Good and Safe Christmas

Well a big thank You to The Toff and Mr Grubby…

How pray tell did two such popular blokes get those ridiculous nicknames?

The Toff is easy, he claims he is descended from British aristocracy and as an apprentice showed contempt for the other apprentices.

He tried countless times to get out of work that he thought was below him. Quite well off, drives a Jaguar and uses driving gloves and wears a top hat.

Mr Grubby’s nickname and how he got it are just so monstrous that even I do not quite understand it. But, I believe it occurred during morning tea in the comp room some years ago and was a practical joke that went astray. However the nickname “Grubby” suggests there was filth involved.

Let’s move on… we have tried on two occasions to organise a Get Together and both times been beaten by Covid-19.

Alex Riley will not give up. He has made a temporary booking at Westies in March, 2021.

More information to come and let’s hope we can finally enjoy each other’s Company.

Keep Safe this Christmas…. Derwombat.

Dusty Tycoon is Ready to Fly.

Jude Marks writes,
Hi Legends.
It’s a pity we can’t catch up on 27 November.
I understand that our dear Alex Riley is trying to organise a normal Legends Luncheon sometime in March, 2021. Let’s hope it’s third time lucky.
Our beautiful Dusty Tycoon is getting ready for her next challenge on 5 December at Doomben.
She is a stunner and has come a long way from her days at the breaking in Farm. She always had spirit.
Dusty Tycoon has enjoyed her week out and has returned into the stable in great order.
Keep Safe over Christmas, Jude xxxx

“Bert Locked Us Out in the Flippin’ Rain”.

The unfortunately named ‘Minda Bus” was late and had just unloaded its cargo of “Incurables” on the wet slippery footpath on the corner of Richmond and Marion Roads.
The rain was belting down on this cold wintry day in the City of Churches.
Then they were off, galloping wildly down the road to the Government Printing Office entrance.
I was waiting to see the Superintendent. I was in the foyer and I could see the main entrance gates!
I looked down at my watch it was getting terribly close to 7.55 AM.
I watched the ungainly mob struggle into the home stretch.
Some with their work bags on their heads and others with sodden copies of that morning’s “Advertiser clutched over their eyes.
They were saturated, wet all the way through, they looked miserable and lonely!
They were within feet of the glass front door entrance. Ah! Warmth and dryness beckoned inside.
I looked at my watch again as the minute hand clicked on to 7.55 A.M.
Then a ghostly white Bert Cotton hand flicked the front door lock shut with a resounding “CLICK!”
The first of the Bus riders slammed into the glass door! What the flippin flop, it was locked!
The others arrived banging on the glass and shaking the door.
“LET US IN,” they cried in unison.
But Bert “the  flipping security man” looked up, tapped his watch and said, “You’re late and You All know the Rules.” “Go around to the other entrance”.
And with that flopping Bert walked off!
The last thing I saw was a group of dripping wet angry workers with murder in their eyes chasing Bert down the machine room passage.

“Lest We Forget” – George Bonney.

bonney_george_edward_lowresStudio portrait of 44 Private (Pte) George Edward Bonney, 32nd Battalion, of Unley, South Australia.
George Bonney was born on 23 August, 1876 at Unley.
He was the son of William Bonney and Eliza Powell.
George married Florence Connor on 24 January, 1900 in Adelaide.
Originally a Printing Machinist with the Government Printing Office in Adelaide, South Australia, Private Bonney at age 39 years enlisted in May 1915 and embarked for Europe on 18th November, 1915, with A company, 32nd Battalion.
Soon after arriving in France for service on the Western Front, Private Bonney became one of the first Australians killed during the horrific Battle of Fromelles in World War I when he was shot at Fleurbaix, soon after going over a parapet on 19th July, 1916.
He was buried at Fromelles in France.
Lest We Forget