Little Lew Morrison.

The late Little Lew Morrison accidentally ended up in the “Royal Navy” during World War II. Whilst pretending to be a Sea Scout he got drafted and soon was entertaining all the sailors and troops. Not many knew it, but Lew looked like Fred Astaire and he danced like him as well. Well, almost! He […]

The Curse of the Chinaman.

At the Old Guv when a certain Overseer had no time for a new tradesman or their work ability, he would go to their Leading hand and try and talk them into agreeing with his opinion of that person. They should be got rid of or be moved on to another area away from him. […]

Sad tale of an Afghan Hound and a Wabbit.

WARNING: If you trust your best mate. Think Again. What if, you had a mate that you worked alongside for years. What if, after work and on the weekend you socialised with that mate and his family. What if, your mate won a 2 week Pacific cruise in a Lottery draw, and What if, your […]

Paul Raby.

Paul Raby was born in 1939 in the United Kingdom. Paul was not a Ten pound tourist when he came to Oz. The Aussie Government charged him an extra Two pound for the fare. One pound extra for each of Paul’s ears. He started at the Old Guv in 1955, as a Printing machinist and […]

George Sparnon.

The late George Sparnon didn’t laugh a lot but one day I found out what a dry sense of humour he had. It was a Friday Morning at the Old Guv. I was working on the Railways Weekly Notice. George was Foreman or Overseer at the time and stopped at my frame enquiring how I […]

Ron Lahiff.

Ron Lahiff was a great story teller who could match Yank Hall. He was the only bloke who could say F**k in front off Iris Morgan without her getting offended. He loved his St Agnes brandy and after Ron passed away the sales and shares plummeted at the distillery. One night after a heavy drinking […]

Mooster, Russell, Eight Ball & the DCA Club.

How many of our former Netley employees could confess to spending many hours at the now demolished DCA club, the current site of IKEA. Lots I would think. It was the favourite watering hole for Johnny Bryant (Mooster) for decades and he regularly invited his many friends at the Guv to join him on Friday […]

The Old Guv Girls.

Top Row (left to right): Pam Phillips, Aggie Klappers, Colleen Farrow, Chris Fitzpatrick. Bottom Row (left to right): Charmaine Ely, Jenny Easther, Chris Wallace and Louise Farrington. All of these nice Ladies attended the Old Guv Reunion at the Buckingham Arms Hotel in 2010. Photo by Mark Noble. Rod Parham

Is this Fake News?

Take a close look at this picture. Who does it remind you of? It’s supposed to be Wayne Riley, cousin to our Alex ‘The Toff’ Riley. Wayne is from Darwin. I wonder if that picture is ‘fair dinkum’. It looks suspiciously like Riley wearing a wig from his doll collection. If it is Alex he […]