Ron Lahiff.

Ron Lahiff was a great story teller who could match Yank Hall. He was the only bloke who could say F**k in front off Iris Morgan without her getting offended. He loved his St Agnes brandy and after Ron passed away, the sales and shares plummeted at the distillery. One night after a heavy drinking […]

Fred Hardwicke.

In January, 1966, I left the Comp Room’s shitboy job to start my apprenticeship in the Jobbing Room. My clicker was Fred Hardwicke. The crew consisted of Shorty Moncrieff, Jack Wells, Ray Stagg, Joe Scholberg, David Copley, Rod Stone, Alex Riley and Bruce Kutcher. Fred’s bark was far worse than his bite. If you started […]

Fred Hardwick.

Reprinted from an article that appeared in the 1977 edition of Topical Points. The rather good looking fellow above is Fred Hardwick (a long time ago). Fred who at present is a clicker (leading hand) in the Jobbing Room will retire on 19th April, 1977, after 49 years, 10 months with the Government Printing Office. […]

“The Smelly Melting Pot.”

This is not me. The bloke pictured here is about nine inches taller than me, handsome and built like a “brick shithouse”. One of my first jobs of a morning when I entered the “dog box” which we called the Comp Room at National Paper Industries. Port Road, was to switch on the Lead melting […]

History of the Old Guv, 1849-1974.

Explanation: I have been asked what was the structure on the right hand side of the Old Guv, in the above picture (the one with the curved roof). After consulting Grant Hofmeyer, I have been told it was a railway shed and was termed Commodius Freight Accommodation by the Railways. Which means in plain English […]

Ralph Hannant.

Ralph Hannant (deceased) was a Hot Metal Compositor and Monotype Operator. It was my privilege to have known Ralph from the mid 1970s onwards. In my role as the Old Guv’s Association President I dealt with him quite often as he was our Auditor and Returning Officer. Without a doubt he was the best I […]

Grant and Bazza

Grant Hofmeyer (letterpress printer, historian, blacksmith, training co-ordinator and OHS guru) lives in Darwin. Barry O’Donnell (footballer, football umpire, printer, friend of a Scotsman and all round good guy). Also, an occasional Lift provider…

Hans Roling.

There is absolutely no truth in the rumour that Hans Roling wasn’t having a good time at the O’Donnell table at the Reunion. Just look at him here he’s laughing kitbags! I think…

Allan Dell.

I have known Allan Dell since July, 1973 when on my first day at work Bob Downs ‘anKissMyArse’ warned me that a gentleman Allan (2L’s) Dell battered metal type with gay abandon. “He wears hobnailed boots and then struts his stuff over the type formes,” Bob whispered’. I was horrified. Now I believed that Bob […]

Well, it’s Goodbye Pensioners…

To Help Save the Australian Economy the Morrison Government is considering deporting Old Age Pensioners who the Dept. of Deportation and Transport, feels don’t serve any useful purpose living in Australia. “They have been a burden on all of us for far too long, they just cost the Government so much” said the Prime Minister. […]