Toff’s Luncheon Report – 14 Sept. 2018.

Hi Toff Here: As I stepped from my best Jaguar in the Westies car park I thought here we go again.
There they all were, huddled around looking old and world weary.
My name is ‘The Toff’, I’m a big headed better than you Compositor.
I gave myself that name and I come from a long line of English Robber Barons.
First person to greet me was Honky Tonk who looked up and said, “you’re looking very pale Toff” What a bastard he is.
I snuck through to the Dining Area without having to buy anyone a drink. I’ve managed to do that at every Luncheon I’ve been to.
And I feel very good about it, even if they call me a ‘tightarse’ or that ‘C’ word.
John Manfield gave a nice little entertaining speech on his time living at the Adelaide Zoo when he was a kid.
We learnt how the Manfields lived off East End bread, greens, potatoes, river torrens yabbies and peanuts that the monkeys chucked away.
Trevor Roberts and wife Barbara showed up.
Kym Morrison finally made an appearance and what a breath of fresh air he was.
He spent most of his time dumping on poor David Walker.
Don Woolman told a story of a comp who brought a service revolver into work  to show his mates and was arrested for planing to kill the Government Printer.

To be Continued.

The Toff