Jersey Fresh Jam Art, New York.

by Bridget Clerkin/The Times of Trenton TRENTON — It might be called Jersey Fresh, but it came out of a can — a spray can. Graffiti artists from around the country flocked to Trenton Saturday for the ninth annual Jersey Fresh Jam, a festival highlighting graffiti, street art, music and community held at the Terracycle […]

Corsets & the Evolving Shape of Women 1900-1920s.

by Sheryl Jaeger The objective of corsets was to improve on the body type of every woman. Emphasis was on the waist. By the 1880s the corset had become an elegant and desirable object in a woman’s wardrobe with much attention paid to its design and execution. Corset makers and manufacturers took great pride in […]

Colla and De Young’s Street Creations.

Eddie Colla. Thailand. 2014. (photo © Eddie Colla) In the descriptive text accompanying these images about their year-end excursion and touristing, they paint an apocalyptic scene – references to sex and prostitution and corruption and citywide celebrations at temples as they say they spread their large format wheat-pastes across Bangkok, Pattaya and Koh Samet. Here […]

Cloud City out of Paper.

The Makerie Studio worked in collaboration with photographer Luke Kirwan to create “Cloud City,” an alluring landscape inspired by the intricate patterns in Moroccan architecture. Three egg-shaped palaces seemingly float in mid-air—connected only by ladders—and give the viewer a bird’s-eye-view into the opulent locales. Gilded rails, tiered fountains, and gold lattices are fashioned entirely out […]

Classical Art meets the Street in Kiev.

In line with when classical paintings meet street art, here are the creations of the Ukrainian art director Alexey Kondakov, who inserts the characters from the masterpieces of classical painting in the streets of Kiev, from Caravaggio to Nicolas Regnier through Francesco Furini… See more Images via The characters of classical painting invite themselves in […]

The Rainbow House created from an 1840s Home.

The artist Kat O’ Sullivan has been creating upcycled sweaters and clothing for over 20 years. “It seems like anything within my grasp ends up painted a million colors,” she says. And this statement certainly held true when the artist decided to purchase a home in upstate New York that had been built in 1840. […]

Blending into the Street with MP5.

Italian street artist MP5 added a little optical illusion with a street piece he completed in Abruzzo, Italy for the Visione Periferica Street Art Festival. The piece, titled Root of Evil, is quite eye-catching with the thick black and white composition. But it is the fact that it bleeds onto the sidewalk below that really […]

Leaving the Opera in Year 2000 by Albert Robida.

A print from around 1882 depicting a futuristic view of air travel over Paris as people leave the opera. Many types of aircraft are shown including flying buses, limousines and, what are presumably, police vehicles. On the latter are mounted strangely un-futuristic sword-carrying officers that wouldn’t seem out of place on the Opera’s stage itself. […]

The Art of Birmingham Mall.

Birmingham street art by Goosensei All pictures provided by Street Art Birmingham The city – particularly around Digbeth – is attracting talented artists who use the urban landscape as their canvas. And the good thing about street art is, it changes from month to month. “It is a a creative phenomenon and its form is […]