Drawings by Tomic.

Amazing_Pencil_Drawings_by_Tattoo_Artist_Dino_Tomic_2014_01-650x650Dino Tomic, a talented Croatian tattoo artist who lives in Norway, likes to create gripping realistic drawings when he’s not tattooing his clients.
His drawings, whether drawing upon horror and science fiction elements or looking to realistic models for inspiration all pulse with dynamic force.
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Art in the Streets of Bandra.

A mural of a scene from Mughal-E-Azam in Mumbai, created for the Bollywood Art Project (all photographs by the author)
Walls in India are hardly ever bare; it’s a difficult task to find a wall in the country that isn’t covered in fly-posters, paan spittle, or colorful graffiti.
But one Indian suburb is taking this latter example to an extreme.
Bandra, a suburb located in West Mumbai, was originally developed as a trading post for the Portuguese in the 16th century, but today is known for its diverse street art. I
n the streets surrounding its array of unique restaurants and hip cafes, it is impossible to visit without stumbling across the work of talented artists living and working within the area.
However, Bandra hasn’t always been Mumbai’s street art capital.
In 2008, four artists from the National Institute of Design started the Wall Project.
The initiative aimed to add a bit of color to Bandra by turning its dull and vacant walls into vibrant pieces of art, thereby rejuvenating several areas that had long been in ruin.
Over the last few years they have given the suburb a terrific makeover — one that reflects the diverse range of people and perspectives within the community, whilst transforming its damaged and decrepit walls.
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The Happy Rizzi House.

imageContributor: DoctorMoog42
Described as “the happiest house on earth,” the Happy Rizzi House (Rizzihaus) in Brunswick is a day-glo masterpiece of cartoon-inspired architecture set smack in the heart of a staid German historic neighborhood.
Standing in stark contrast to its old world surroundings, the Happy Rizzi House is the vision of New York pop artist James Rizzi (perhaps best known for designing the cover for Tom Tom Club’s 1981 debut album) and architect Konrad Kloster.
Representative of Rizzi’s style, the structures are decorated in wild shapes and faces colored in bright pinks, yellows, and greens reminiscent of an 80’s music video.
The psychedelic cluster of buildings was not an instant hit with the surrounding city since the tall buildings’ cacophony of color is in direct visual opposition to both the business district on one side of it and the old world European architecture on the other.
However the goofy faces with unevenly spherical eyes (which are also windows) have come to be accepted as a unique and important part of the landscape, acting as the unofficial border between the two portions of the city the site straddles.
Unfortunately Rizzi passed away in 2011, but the Happy Rizzi House, as easily his largest piece of work, assures that his off the wall vision of the world will live on for years to come.
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Awesome Art by Cliff Cramp.

balloonsDo you own the complete Star Wars saga on blue ray? If so, then you’re already familiar with Cliff Cramp’s awesome work.
Influenced by artists such as John Singer Sargent, Howard Pyle, and Harvey Dunn; Cliff’s work spans a wide range of genres and has caught the attention of clients such as LucasFilms, 20th Century Fox, Nickelodeon TV Animation, Disney Entertainment, and much more.
His illustrations can be seen on covers such as Lucasflims/ 20th Century Fox Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu Ray, Hollywood Records Plain White T’s Wonders of The Younger CD, and 20th Century Fox Marilyn Monroe Special Anniversary Collection.
So, if you are ready to be blown away by some amazing art, take an exploratory trip with me through these incredible illustrations done by Cliff Cramp.
And don’t forget to check out his awesome gallery for more of his stunning art (I promise, you won’t regret it).
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Radioactive Cats, 1980.

Radioactive Cats, 1980.
From floating goons in black suits to monkeys packing heat, a new book by Fotografiska celebrates photographs that skow how we view the world.
Radioactive Cats, 1980:  Image Credit: Photograph by Sandy Skoglund
Fotografiska, a leading Swedish museum dedicated to photography, is celebrating eight years of extraordinary eyes at work with a new 250 image-rich publication.
The Eye by Fotographiska is out now
Source: See the world differently – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

Dreams by Worrall.

poets_corner600_496Poets corner
Born 1942 in Matlock Derbyshire, UK, Mike Worrall is a self taught artist. As a child Mike was always intrigued by paintings involving some sought of mystery element.
He was interested in Dreams and Subconscious thoughts and the weirdness of how we go from one thought to another in an almost drifting process. Mike’s paintings are more surreal, deliberate and constructed with the element of change.
the_forgotten_expectation600_352The Forgotten Expectation
He also did a lot of disturbing horrific subject matter and themes, dealing with Shock and Horror, such as Bruegal’s Triumph of Death and skeletons!
the_sweet_assassin_large600_350The Sweet Assassin
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