Beatus of Liébana on the Apocalypse.

In a monastery in the mountains of northern Spain, 700 years after the Book of Revelations was written, a monk set down to illustrate a collection of writings he had compiled about this most vivid and apocalyptic of the New Testament books. Throughout the next few centuries his depictions of multi-headed beasts, decapitated sinners, and […]

Art by Lea Bradovich.

I stumbled across the artwork of Lea Bradovich last month, and was knocked out. Insects merged with the sumptuous details of Botticelli and other Renaissance painters! What was the inspiration for this fascinating work? I talked to Bradovich about the motivation for her insect and bird paintings, which she’s been creating since 2004. She’s a […]

Underwater Scenes of Giordano.

by Laura Collinson Neko Dream is a series of acrylic paintings on wood board by illustration artist Philip Giordano. The surreal scenes feature dreamlike characters in the setting of an underwater forest, enjoying a cup of tea and one another’s company. The images were exhibited at the Pinpoint Gallery in Omotensando, Tokyo. You can see […]

Fuzzy Christmas Night in Athens.

For quite some time I’ve had the idea to capture the contradictions of life in Athens during the years of the economic crisis, but not in a documentary way. December is a cold month in a mediteranean country intrinsically linked to its warm climate Christmas lights and decorations all over the city streets at Nighttime. […]

Gudday…from Derwombat and others.

AN UPDATE for GP Office, GP Department, GP Division, SA Print and Sprint former workers. Alex Riley reports that we are still on track to hold our scaled down Luncheon get together on Friday, 27 November. 2020, commencing 11.30 am at the West Adelaide Football Club. Richmond. Our guest The Singing Masked Dancer will be […]

The Work of the Artist THOMS.

A new selection of funny and twisted street art creations by the Italian artist Mr. THOMS, including his last two pieces, dedicated to selfies and addiction to Facebook. We already talked about his work with “One Man Band – The Street Art by Mister Thoms“. via 21 new street art creations by Mr. THOMS | […]

‘Lollies from the Good Old Days.’

by Bob Byrne, I remember Columbines that came in a long blue packet and each lolly was individually wrapped in a blue silver paper. Jaffas (See Image Above) were made by a company called Sweetacres and came in a cardboard box. They were ideal for rolling down the aisle of the local picture theatre during […]

Legends Friday Luncheon.

OLD GUV LEGENDS LUNCHEON to be held at Westies Function Centre 57 Milner Road Richmond on Friday 27 November 2020 in the Bistro from 11.30 am At present the Bistro can seat 40 guests only, but this figure could change according to Covid-19 regulations. There may be a Masked Mystery Singing Guest If you wish […]

Ron Lahiff.

Ron Lahiff was a great story teller who could match Yank Hall. He was the only bloke who could say F**k in front off Iris Morgan without her getting offended. He loved his St Agnes brandy and after Ron passed away, the sales and shares plummeted at the distillery. One night after a heavy drinking […]

The Stanhope Press lands in South Australia, 1836.

The first printing press which was landed with the Free Settlers of South Australia in late 1836 was a Stanhope (hand driven) Press, which was located in a crude tent occupied by the Thomas family on the North Bend of the “Paddywallunga” River at Glenelg. The Stanhope Press was owned by Mr Robert Thomas and […]