Chillingham Castle and the ‘Blue Boy’ Ghost.

The Chillingham Castle, northern England, United Kingdom was originally a monastery in the late 12th century.
It attracts tourists from around the world who are eager to see the most haunted castle in Britain.
The most famous ghost of the castle is the “blue (or radiant) boy”, who according to the owners used to haunt the Pink Room in the castle.
Guests supposedly reported seeing blue flashes and a blue “halo” of light above their beds after a loud wail.
Image Credit: Photograph by David Clay.
Source: Hello From the Other Side: Most Mysterious and Haunted Places in the World – Sputnik International

Hector Korsten.

When I first met Hector Korsten in the 1970′s, I thought, “who is this strange fellow?”.
He had a weird accent and talked like someone out of “Oliver Twist”.
“Hello, me old darling!” he would shout as I approached.
For all I knew he could have come from South Africa (which he did).
As a boy he had moved to London working for a Jewish printing company.
It was then my beloved friend and Mentor Victor Milton Potticary warned me about Hector.
“Be alert and watchful, Hector is not one of us you know.”
What the hell did Vic mean by that I thought, and then it dawned on me Hector worked in the Planning Room with Colin Haines.
Say no more!
But, he was one of us, a raconteur of some note and a student of the world of colonial History.
A worldly man who loved the piss and still does.
I admired him for achieving Warrant Officer rank in the (CMF) “Weekend Warriors,” for I know he had suffered many crippling hangovers on Thursday nights whilst in the service of Australia his adopted country.
Hector Korsten is a Great Man and he ranks up there with other Legends of the Guv like Graham “Yank” Hall.
Well done Hector me old Darlin’!
You are indeed a Legend.


Going Digital with Cyril Rolando.

Digital-Paintings-by-Cyril-Rolando-1-650x433French digital artist Cyril Rolando is a great admirer of Tim Burton and Hayao Miyazaki. The artist paints such images, that it seems as if we’ve been one of them.
Cyril uses minimal digital enhancement with a digital environment to create his stunning masterpieces. Digital-Paintings-by-Cyril-Rolando-2-650x976
He is famous for being an artist as he uses “only” the round brush to create thought-provoking, striking and soul-stirring works of art renditions that are nothing short of breathtaking.


via Surreal Digital Paintings by Cyril Rolando » Design You Trust. Design and Beyond..

Nati’s ‘World of Chaos.’


Visual artist Barbara Nati attempts to analyse the chaos reigning underneath the surface of reality combining conceptually interesting visual landscapes that blur fantasy and reality.
In her new photographic series entitled ‘The House of This Evening, All Mine’, stunning post-apocalyptic ‘tree houses’ made of shattered buildings tower in desolated and beautiful landscapes.
Her digital manipulation work can be described as surreal, futuristic, imaginative, dreamy, playful and a little dark – all be it in a good way – yet still confronting the viewer with current social and environmental issues.
A recurrent obsession for ordinary objects allegorically camouflaged as other shapes implicitly invites the viewer to look again and never take for granted, offering the opposite point of view from the expected or predicted one and pulverizing the naïve trust in what we consider real but may not be.
History, visual art and advertising flair mix up in her cross-contaminated and very own stylistic approach where art ultimately fulfills its goal becoming a playful tool, speaking in a versatile and universal alphabet.
Barbara Nati lives and works in London. She trained at the Parson School of Design in NYC and the IEAO in Perugia, Italy.
She has exhibited her work in Italy, Ireland and the UK.
Previous projects include No Farewell Only Endless Goodbye, Futuristic Revivals and The Footsteps of Silence.
Barbara Nati’s Website can be found  at:
via Barbara Nati’s Surreal World.

The Caves of Iceland.

Ice cave… Since I live in Iceland, these two words resound in my mind.
I’ve seen the majestic glaciers, volcanoes and all the other wonders of Iceland.
I went down inside a volcano, I flew over a live eruption but the ice caves kept attracting me with what I was seeing on the web,
I finally had the chance to go in the beginning of this winter to the south Iceland in the area of the giant Vatnajökull glacier with a real specialist of this kind of environment.
It was early in the season so we went directly to the safest cave they found this year, this one is called the northern lights ice cave because of the ash inclusion in the ice roof of the cave.
More info: Behance
See more great Images via I Finally Visited The Ice Caves In Iceland | Bored Panda.

OGL Luncheon, 12 April, 2019.

Mr Alex Riley, also known as The Toff invites you and your partner to Our Next OGL Luncheon which will be held on Friday 12 April, 2019, commencing 12 Noon at the West Adelaide Footnball Clubrooms.

There will be a Posthumous Celebration of the Life of the late Jyll Watson with reference to her time at the Goverment Printing Office.

A Presentation will be made to the family by Mrs Jenny Easther (Jyll’s sister in law).

Jyll’s name will be entered on the Bernie Smith Legends Board located at West Adelaide Football Club

Attending: Your Host Alex Riley, David and Marilyn Harding, Jenny and Gary Easther, Rod Parham, Rob and Wendy Powell, Marianne Hunn, Jude Marks, Ray Belt, Jack and Helen Flack, Brian Hartshorne, Trevor and Barbara Roberts, Con and Norma Rogers, Peter Plowman, David ‘Gunner’ Copley (see below), Mike Burnett,

Apologies: Dennis Grover, David and Thelma Korff, Kevin and Judy Stack-Neale, Don Woolman,

To Book or Apologise contact Alex on 0419 035 970 or Rod Parham on 0424 294 450.