Will be Away for Two Days with Grandson Seamus.

Seamus, Peter Plowman and I are off to the Peterborough Print Museum in the iconic old railway town of Peterborough, South Australia for a few days.

We will be back soon…and avagoodweekend.

Rod Parham

Hazy London Landscape by Jenny Pockley.

Jenny-Pockley.Blitz-Tower-Bridge-2014.-Oil-on-Gesso-120-x-150-cm-625x500We’ve come across Jenny Pockley’s hazy aerial landscapes in a previous show and we love how she captures the vibrancy and aesthetic beauty of our city.
So we’re glad to hear she’s created a new body of work focusing on London, and that the images will be on display in an exhibition at Sarah Myerscough gallery.


Rather than simply representing contemporary London, Pockley’s latest work looks at the historical weight of London including the damage it incurred in World War II.
Her paintings capture the intensity and historical significance of those times, and her use of colour clearly draws inspiration from some of the great painters of London such as Turner and Monet.
See more via Hazy London Landscapes By Jenny Pockley | Londonist.

Aurora Australis over Victoria by Caitlin Gordon.

aurora-australis-dataAn amazing natural display of light has been captured in a series of images taken by a photographer in eastern Victoria.
Caitlin Gordon spotted the pink curtains of light from the Aurora Australis from a farm just outside Traralgon.
“I thought it was actually some light reflecting from nearby power stations at first until I saw it on the camera,” she told ABC Gippsland.
The phenomenon is caused when electrically charged electrons and protons accelerate down the Earth’s magnetic field lines and collide with neutral atoms in the upper atmosphere — usually about 100 kilometres above the Earth, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.
via Aurora Australis: Photographer captures amazing natural lightshow over Victoria – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

A Young Eagle Huntress in Mongolia.


A 13-Year-Old Eagle Huntress In Mongolia

Lina D. Bored Panda Staff

This lazy panda forgot to write something about itself.

via A 13-Year-Old Eagle Huntress In Mongolia | Bored Panda.

Old Guv Legends Christmas Luncheon – Friday, 17th November, 2017.

The Old Guv Christmas Luncheon

and Mr Rodney S. Parham’s 70th Birthday

will be Celebrated on Friday, 17th November, 2017 from 12 Noon onwards

at the West Adelaide Function Centre, 57 Milner Road, Richmond


Attending so far: Peter Plowman, John ‘Mooster’ Bryant, Alex ‘The Toff’ Riley, Rod ‘Puppet’ ‘Honky Tonk’ ‘Brother’ Parham, Jenny and Gary Easther, Bob Downs, Don ‘The Flash’ Woolman (maybe), Kevin Stone, Esther and Michael Harris, Candace, Seamus and Bek, Judy Marks, Rob and Wendy Powell, Ray Belt, Ian ‘Meggsy’  Grunert, Graham ‘Sleepy’ Mutrie, Dennis ‘Big Den’ Grover, Sue Thomas (to advise), Ellen Krueger, Brian ‘Grubby’ Hartshorne, Barry O’Donnell, David and Marilyn Harding, Conrad and Norma Rogers,

Apologies: Garth Mugford, Tony and Elaine Fitzsimmons, Coralie Hills,

Salad Bar Available

RSVP No later than 10th November, 2017 to Alex Riley 0419 035 970 or Rod Parham 0424 294 450.

No Gifts Please, just bring Cool Love and if you want to buy a Card make sure it’s proudly printed in Australia.

The magnificent Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Bavaria.

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland, Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom and numerous other magical castles were all inspired by a real castle: Neuschwanstein Castle, the awe-inspiring retreat of the “fairy-tale king,” Ludwig II of Bavaria.
Commissioned by the king in homage to Richard Wagner, the fantastical castle was designed by theatrical set designer Christian Jank.
The first stone of Neuschwanstein Castle (which literally means, “New Swan Stone palace”) was laid in September 1869. The technology used to build this castle was considered modern and advanced. New inventions such as electricity, plumbing, heat and steamboats were used in the construction of the castle, and Ludwig himself was considered responsible for the introduction of many of these inventions to the area.

In 1886, as the massively expensive castle neared completion, the State Commissioner pronounced Ludwig insane and arrested him soon after. The day after he was arrested, Ludwig requested the Commissioner go on a walk in the woods with him.
The commissioner agreed and told his guards to stay behind. Both were found mysteriously dead in a lake later that evening. Ludwig was never able to see the finalised castle, but his taste for elegant, and extravagant, design resonates throughout the interior of the castle.
After his death, the castle was opened for the public to help pay off the expenses and now attracts over a million people a year.
Of particular delight is the Grotto Room, an artificial cave complete with stalactites and a waterfall; it was intended to represent a cave from Wagner’s opera “Tannhauser.”
Source: Neuschwanstein Castle – Schwangau, Germany – Atlas Obscura