Hi! This is me at the May Day Dinner 2015. It was a privilege to be given the Spanner Award for the promotion of the ideals of International Workers Day.
Gudday, The Old Guv Legends is a Blog by an Old Bloke called Rod Parham from Adelaide ‘the city of churches’ South Australia.
I love the Printing Trade and its history.
I was a hot metal compositor working for the Government Printing Office in Adelaide.
Yes, I am considered a dinosaur in this age of electronic printing.
OLD GUV LEGENDS  is  Dedicated to all the Workers of the South Australian Government Printing Office employed over its 130 year History.
This Blog is Totally Free of Ads and is for All to Enjoy!
Rod Parham


16 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks Miriam,
      I had a lovely Auntie called Miriam, I don’t think it is a common name in Oz, But neither is Rodney (Rod), most of them are baby boomers, I was named after a British WWII warship, HMS Rodney. I think it assisted in the sinking of the German ‘Bismarck’ back in those dark times.
      Keep well and safe over Christmas Miriam.
      Regards, Rod


    • Hi Rod, yes Miriam is not a common name, it’s actually Jewish for Mary (though I’m not Jewish!). Interesting history about your name. Enjoy the Christmas season with your family. Warm regards. M

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  1. My father Ron Lahiff worked at the SA Government Printing Department in King William street and at Netley. He was a proof reader and a compositor before that.

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  2. Hi all,
    I was a childhood neighbour of Warren Pietsch and spent a lot of time with him as a youngster. As often happens when you marry and leave home you lose touch. I was trying to find him on line recently and came across your obituary, so I now wont be able to catch up with him to talk about the old days. It was only recently posted so thanks for that.
    Incidentally I was a Hansard Junior in the old days (1966) when we used to run the hansard texts and proofs back and forth to the back door of the old works next door, so we were close then too without actually meeting again.
    As a youngster he was never without a football or a basketball in his hand. He introduced me to South Adelaide Basketball at Forestville (where I never matched his prowess) and also to the Beetles.
    Oh and his mum’s kichen was solid black and red.
    RIP Warren.
    Regards and thanks, Jeff Burgher.

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  3. Hi
    In the story about the Trans raioway line you show a picture of men laying railway tracks.
    Can you tell me please where that pic was taken

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    • It was certainly taken along the Nullaboor. All the pics I’ve seen are pretty vague about whether it is South Australia or Western Australia. But I have found an article from the ABC which may help a bit. I’ll put it up in the next few days.
      Thanks Malcolm.

      Regards, rod


  4. Chris McDonnell

    Hi Rod,
    Did you ever get to find out about that curved building at the back of the old printing building.


  5. Andrew Warner


    Advising that Merv Warner (09.04.33 to 24.01.20) has clanged out passing away peacefully on Friday 24 January 2020 at 86 years of age.

    Merv was an apprentice and then journeyman compositor at the Old Guv.
    The family understand that Merv also took on the role of Association Secretary alongside with Association President Frank ‘Popeye’ Nelson during his time at the Government Printer.

    Merv after leaving the Old Guv worked in NSW in Industrial Relations roles for (gasp) the employers. But he never backed down from the ideals of fairness and equity that he learned during his time at the Old Guv.

    We ask you post this to notify his passing to those that knew him.

    Kind regards

    Andrew Warner


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