“A Beery Christmas”.

A Beery Christmas

Photo: Don’t forget to right click to view larger format.
Those Monotype blokes loved their Christmas parties didn’t they, but where is the BEER? and Who put that sign up?
The answer is the Overseer said, “No beer to be shown in photos!” And the weak bastards copped it…
Now you can have lots of fun trying to guess who’s in this photograph apart from Paul Korff (in the front, as always) and standing next to him a grinning Kevin (Danny Kaye) McBride.
See how many you can get…
Photo courtesy of the Korff Family.

3 thoughts on ““A Beery Christmas”.

  1. David Copley wrote:
    As I see it,
    L – R: someone from dispatch; Cecil Dodd; Paul Korff; Bill Wallace; Kevin McBride; Alex Crawford; Dennis Moncrief; John Bryant; Graham Braybrook; Ralph Hannant; Hector Korsten; David Copley; Unknown; Peter Reeve; Unknown; Bert Tinkler; Ted Burkert.
    What a wonderful bunch of people. Note, I was wearing a tie, thought I was management material. Lol

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Rod.
    Dave Copley (drummer)


    • Excellent effort DC. But I’m sure we’ll find a know all who will get them all right and it won’t be Alex the Toff.
      Now I find out that he hated Mono before they booted him out.
      To you and family, have a merry and safe Christmas.
      PS The tie suits and what about Shorty?


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