Have a Good and Safe Christmas

Well a big thank You to The Toff and Mr Grubby…

How pray tell did two such popular blokes get those ridiculous nicknames?

The Toff is easy, he claims he is descended from British aristocracy and as an apprentice showed contempt for the other apprentices.

He tried countless times to get out of work that he thought was below him. Quite well off, drives a Jaguar and uses driving gloves and wears a top hat.

Mr Grubby’s nickname and how he got it are just so monstrous that even I do not quite understand it. But, I believe it occurred during morning tea in the comp room some years ago and was a practical joke that went astray. However the nickname “Grubby” suggests there was filth involved.

Let’s move on… we have tried on two occasions to organise a Get Together and both times been beaten by Covid-19.

Alex Riley will not give up. He has made a temporary booking at Westies in March, 2021.

More information to come and let’s hope we can finally enjoy each other’s Company.

Keep Safe this Christmas…. Derwombat.

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