Bruce Watts Lockier.

Photograph: Bruce and Joan Lockier.
Bruce was born on 24 June 1928 to parents John and Lilian Lockier at a Maternity House in Maylands.
His twin sister Nancy was born half an hour before him. Thank goodness she was a twin sister and not a brother.
Bruce began his education at Magill Primary School and later attended Norwood Tech where he gained his Technical Certificate after two years which included subjects in woodwork and sheet metal work.
At 15 years of age Bruce arrived at The Old Guv in May 1943 and started out as a “shit” boy in the Comp Room, sweeping the pavement, filling the wash basins in the ladies rest rooms, filling enamelled jugs with clean water for the overseer and foreman.
On completion of his apprenticeship Bruce worked as a compositor, linotype operator, a Hansard proof reader and at times acted as a clicker.
Bruce played a major role in the decoration of the Old Guv building during the Queen’s Royal Visit in 1956. The Government Printer (Doctor Cack) and Bruce received all the appreciation for doing a great job in decorating the building.
Some say Lew Morrison actually should have been the person to get all the credit as it seems Lew did all the work while Bruce gave orders. 
Bruce at work was a practical joker and no one was safe, whether you were a machinist, binder or comp.
I can remember a day on the Jobbing Room floor when Bruce came up to me and asked me what day it was.
I said it was Friday; why? He told me that Des Woods another comp on the Jobbing Room Floor and a devout Catholic had just eaten a meat pie. In those days it was absolute sacrilege to eat meat on a Friday.
When Chippsie Woods came back from lunch; Bruce asked him what day it was. The reply was it is Friday. Bruce came back with what did you have for lunch? A look of horror came over Des’s face.
Bruce then lit a ball of cotton waste soaked in kerosene, put out the flames, with smoke pouring out of the cotton waste and threw it in Des’s composing frame.
Des asked the obvious question of why Bruce would do such a thing. “To drive out the spooks because you ate a meat pie on a Friday”, Bruce replied.
Lew Morrison for his 90th birthday received a special card signed by all his old work mates. Unfortunately, most of the names on the card were deceased.
As President of the Office Association Bruce got rid of smoking in the toilets. Smoking in the toilets was one of the greatest scams that was around. Someone would head off to the toilet with a piece of strawboard under an arm to dissipate the smoke from the cigarette. Office picnics and Children’s Christmas parties improved.

Article from the Adelaide Advertiser

With great shock to all Bruce tendered his resignation in the mid 1960s and left for ‘better things’. He joined the Apple and Pear Board as a Section Organiser. Some say he couldn’t tell an apple from a pear. However Bruce became highly successful in improving the organisation.
I had left the Old Guv and was working for Collies Inks and was on my way back from Melbourne on a flight when the hostess came up to me and told me that a another passenger had requested that I change seats and join him for a drink. It was Bruce Lockier .
 Sadly, Bruce’s wife Dulcie passed away from a long illness. Loneliness set in, but Bruce’s life changed when Joan lovingly entered his life and they married.
Bruce you are indeed an Old Guv Legend and rate up there with the best.
Don Woolman

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