The Caminito del Rey Pathway.


At first glance many might think I might like to have a go at doing that.
Then you look down. For most people, might like quickly turns in to would never, ever in a million years


Welcome to Spain’s Caminito del Rey, quite possibly the most dangerous pathway in the world.
Image Credit: Flickr User Kozzmen
There are some places in this world to which even the locals say you would be mad to venture.
Sometimes this can be dismissed as exaggeration or hyperbole designed to encourage the traveler to go and take a look.
In this case they are absolutely, one hundred percent correct.


Travel along the Caminito del Rey and you really would put your life in peril.
Don’t look down, now…
Source: Caminito del Rey: The Most Dangerous Pathway in the World? ~ Kuriositas

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