Ralph Hannant.


Ralph Hannant (deceased) was a Hot Metal Compositor and Monotype Operator.
It was my privilege to have known Ralph from the mid 1970s onwards. In my role as the Old Guv’s Association President I dealt with him quite often as he was our Auditor and Returning Officer.
Without a doubt he was the best I ever had, in fact, he was the only one I ever needed.
Scrupulously honest, he was exacting, meticulous and best of all reliable.
Ralph was a great collector of artifacts and other people’s rubbish. He had two sheds of mysterious GPO treasures at home in his backyard.
From saving Cricket Club member the late Warren Pietsch in the streets of Melbourne’s Carlton from a group of murderous Chinese assassins to inventing the original prototype of the the first ever Video Cassette Recorder.
To explain, on Sunday nights when Channel 9 and Channel 7 were showing their movies of the week he would put two TVs in the lounge room (on top of each other) and he and his wife would proceed to watch two separate movies. True story and verified by Ralph himself.
My one and only criticism of Ralph was when I saw him at the Legend Luncheons, he always asked me if I knew workers who had left the Old Guv before 1960, 13 years before I had started.
He would give me very accurate descriptions of these people. Like, “I think he had brown hair or was it black?” “He always wore navy blue or brown socks and ate fritz and sauce sandwiches at Lunchtime”. “Did you know him Rod?”
He always stumped me, the Wonderful old Bastard mainly because he was talking about comrades from the 1950s.
Ralph Hannant was a real character and Great Old Guv Legend. He will always be remembered and missed…

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