Allan Dell.

I have known Allan Dell since July, 1973 when on my first day at work Bob Downs ‘anKissMyArse’ warned me that a gentleman Allan (2L’s) Dell battered metal type with gay abandon.
“He wears hobnailed boots and then struts his stuff over the type formes,” Bob whispered’. I was horrified.
Now I believed that Bob was an honest man and would tell me the truth
My Confession…
From that time on I dreaded the call, “Parham go down and fix Porky’s forme  again. “Help him out will you, he’s shagged up yet another job”. “And by the way, don’t forget to take the whole bloody type case this time!”
I was literally terrified of a man that I have now grown to Love!
In 2009, one morning I awoke from a dream with a shudder and felt ashamed.
I realised that I had let 36 years pass under the bridge and still  had not forgiven a man for those battered pieces of lead type so many years before…
Mr. Dell, our Beloved Luncheon Leader, you are indeed an Old Guv Legend!
PS: My favourite story about the young Porks was that during his Printing Apprenticeship on a particularly hot day he had been asked by the senior printers to go out and get some milk, bring it back and put it on ice to keep it cold.
When it was time for their tea break imagine their horror when they found out that our hero had got the bottles of milk, taken the tops off and poured  it all over the top of the ice in the work sink.
Worse still it was slowly being spoilt by the sludge in the sink. It was useless!

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