Well, it’s Goodbye Pensioners…

To Help Save the Australian Economy the Morrison Government is considering deporting Old Age Pensioners who the Dept. of Deportation and Transport, feels don’t serve any useful purpose living in Australia.
“They have been a burden on all of us for far too long, they just cost the Government so much” said the Prime Minister.
However, the Deportation Scheme has been put on hold because of the Coronavirus Pandemic.
When the Scheme resumes the first to be Deported from those oldies left will be old ten pound poms, old trade Unionists, old dole bludgers and old bikies.
“Older people are easier to catch”. “They are “dead set goners”, according to Last Gasp Scott.
The Government is currently negotiating with a reputable gang of people smugglers to take these ‘Australians’ for their final cruise to some uninhabited island in the Pacific.
“There will be massive savings on pensions, welfare payments, concessions, travel and bloody Medicare,’ the Prime Minister said.
Stolen Biro, a former English high profile Proofreader with the Government Printing Office, started to cry when he thought of all those friends he knew who will be deported with him under this Innovative Scheme dreamt up by the Government.
“I’ll see you all on the Goodbye Bus then” the Biro blubbered.
A. Nonimouse

10 thoughts on “Well, it’s Goodbye Pensioners…

  1. I can’t say, he has asked to be not identified. Like a lot of us he is terrified of deportation just because he is old. In some countries they appreciate the wisdom of elders. But not here. It’s not voluntary euthanasia you have to worry about, it’s the compulsory one!


  2. Jim Douglas wrote:
    Great satire Rod.

    It is bloody cruel the way this government is treating those of us on pension whether aged , disability, New start …..the bastards are out to make a breadline life even harder.

    Jim D


  3. Rod and Jim – I have now reached that dreaded age, but have missed the Goodbye Bus! Does that mean I am safe?


  4. Grant Hofmeyer

    This so called ‘government .(Lc.’g’) has had since 1947 to plan for my retirement.
    What happened to all the taxes I paid since Feb.18th 1964, when I started work in printing ??? I live on a combination of my Super. (that I also worked for) and a pitance from Centrelink.


  5. Got my rates bill today – gone up $265.30 from last year.
    That’s okay – we generously get handed back $200 (at some time, don’t we?) to help, as they have taken the $190 discount away from pensioners on their previous rates bill!
    I’m glad I live in the Badlands, where houses are cheap, otherwise my rates could be a lot more!


  6. I’ve got my name down already to proofread the “How to build subs in foreign lands” instruction book, but I was told I have to learn Japanese before I can apply!
    I think I’ve missed the boat again.


    • I think that move by Abbott to give South Australia the frigates, was a distraction to get him home in S.A. in the Election. They won’t start building those for years and I wouldn’t put money on it that the deal is done. Tony has been known to tell lies you know.
      Oh! By the way I’m sorry about you not being able to speak Japanese. I wonder if Allan M. could. Be content with English Nick.


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