‘Transformations’ by Joshua Brinlee.


Allegorical paintings and female portraiture from art history that have been layered and manipulated to show the different archetypes used to define women.
The images presented for this series attempt to break their attachments to provenance and represent themselves anew.
The images are constructed from scanned segments of female portraits and allegorical painting from art history.
They are layered and manipulated, only traces of the original scan can be seen.
Female portraiture has been appropriated to show the archetypes used to define women: the visionary, the scribe, the mother, the femme fatale, and the maiden to name a few.
The final prints represent the variety of archetypes of women and subverts the context of the original portrait. The sitter of the portrait is no longer tied to their authorship, originality or ownership.
They have been reimagined and transformed.
See more Images via Faith is Torment | Art and Design Blog: Transformations: Digital Collage by Joshua Brinlee.

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