Mona Caron’s Wall Murals of Plants.

Muralist Mona Caron (previously) has continued her worldwide Weeds series, with colorful renderings of humble plants growing ever taller on buildings from Portland and São Paulo to Spain and Taiwan.
The San Francisco-based artist often partners with local and international social and environmental movements for climate justice, labor rights, and water rights, and selects plants, both native and invasive, that she finds in the cities where she paints. 

Several of these murals contain intricate miniature details, invisible from afar.
These typically narrate the local history, chronicle the social life of the mural’s immediate surroundings, and visualize future possibility, and are created in a process that incorporates ideas emerging through spontaneous conversations with the artwork’s hosting communities while painting.

Caron regularly shares process videos and photos of completed works on Instagram, and she delves into the narratives behind several of her murals on her website.
via Soaring Murals of Plants on Urban Walls by Mona Caron | Colossal

4 thoughts on “Mona Caron’s Wall Murals of Plants.

  1. In the cities with a little vision we see something growing. It’s knowing to pay for to be seen in a museum, but you just walk through to the world of passion and dreams building bigger and greater till we feel all green.
    We work while tears are falling down, just for a climate neglected by the biggest clown.

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