Art in Bushwick, NYC.


I have been doing my best to explore each of the neighborhoods of New York City.
I’ve seen a lot of the ‘international’ neighborhoods, as well as a few others, but have been recently trying to visit a few of the ones closer to where I live.
This weekend’s choice was Bushwick. I only had a few hours so I had to make good use of my time.
I’ve heard about Bushwick as being referred to as the ‘new Williamsburg’ or Williamsburg 5-10 years ago, although perhaps not everyone would agree with that title.
IMG_1327-450x300Williamsburg, traditionally known for its artsy feel has started to change recently especially in the cost of housing, which has pushed some people farther from Manhattan into Bushwick.
I had wanted to visit Bushwick for a while as I had heard it was fairly unique and had a pretty good street art scene.
If you’ve seen some of my past street art posts, such as the one I did of Puerto Rico, then you know that I enjoy sharing street art from different cities when I travel.
I find that street art has a unique way of catching the attitude and/or sentiments of the neighborhood’s inhabitants.
So, I wanted to go see it for myself. I took myself on a self-guided walking tour of Bushwick graffiti. I
t seemed that they ranged quite significantly from dark colors to brighter ones.
See more Images via Street art walking tour in Bushwick | Backpacking Diplomacy.

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