The First Wizard of Oz Board Game, 1921.

OzGame1FinalPictured is the game board of the first Wizard of Oz board game, sold by Parker Bros. in 1921.
Frank Baum published 14 Oz books between 1900 and 1920. Well before the classic 1939 movie came out, the books spawned many theatrical adaptations, as well as saga-themed objects like dolls, figurines, and this board game.
The story’s popularity was such that this wasn’t even the first Parker Bros. Oz game.
That was the Wogglebug Game of Conundrums, a card game published in 1905 and based on a character from Baum’s second Oz book, the sequel to Wizard. (You can see Wogglebug in the bottom right-hand quadrant of this gameboard.)
Many of the characters and places scattered around the 1921 board will be unfamiliar to people who know the Oz story from the 1939 movie or the original book (by far the most famous of the series).
The presence of Woot and Ugu shows how familiar the whole Oz series would have been to the game’s audience.
Parker Brothers re-released this game, with wooden playing pieces instead of pewter ones, after the 1939 film became a hit.
via Wizard of Oz: Story-based board game sold in the 1920s..

2 thoughts on “The First Wizard of Oz Board Game, 1921.

    • Your Right. I was addicted to board games when a boy, but have no interest in computer gaming. I thought the social aspect was the most fun. Ah, those were the days reretro!
      I’m surprised that they haven’t re-retroed it again. Good Luck!

      Kind Regards, Rod

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