Little Lew Morrison.

9709c71bThe late Little Lew Morrison accidentally ended up in the “Royal Navy” during World War II.
Whilst pretending to be a Sea Scout he got drafted and soon was entertaining all the sailors and troops. Not many knew it, but Lew looked like Fred Astaire and he danced like him as well. Well, almost!
He became famous and was known as the most famous exponent of scottish hornpipery throughout the Seven Seas.
But, sadly it didn’t last because one stormy night when it was blowing a gale Lew decided to entertain the sailors on the Night Watch with a little jig.
As he leapt into the air a stormy gust of wind grabbed his little scarecrow body and flung him across the deck nearly into the angry raging sea.
But luckily his leg stopped his slide into oblivion when it smashed into a railing and with a crack that could be heard above the storm it snapped.
Poor old “Twinkle Toes”.
Then there was a long period of convalescence where he tried vainly to dance for the pretty English nurses. But the damage was done, no more Fred, no more hornpipe and no more skipping happily and gaily throughout the Scottish highlands.
It is a period of Lew’s life that has been kept hidden from humankind right up until now.
God Bless you “Twinkle Toes.”

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