Paul Raby.

Paul Raby was born in 1939 in the United Kingdom. Paul was not a Ten pound tourist when he came to Oz.
The Aussie Government charged him an extra Two pound for the fare. One pound extra for each of Paul’s ears.
He started at the Old Guv in 1955, as a Printing machinist and became affectionately known as “Wingnut”. He fancied himself as a Tenor just like Pavarotti but sounded more like Tiny Tim. Paul’s signature tune was “I talk to the trees, but they don’t listen to me”.
“And they still don’t” says an Anonymous friend”. Paul used to sing at the “Cheer Up Hut” near the Adelaide Railway Station where best friends Porky Dell, Reg Hartshorne and Bob Downs an’ kiss my Arse would throw objects at him, heckle him and suck lemons in protest.
Paul was in the chorus of the Brompton-Bowden Light Opera company and appeared on Channel 7′s “Stairway to the Stars” (B&W).
Just before Paul was to do his number he was sent off to see Cora Dove in the Make-Up Room.
Cora tried unsuccessfully to pin Paul’s ears back with sticky tape so that he wouldn’t frighten little children when he finally made his big appearance.
We know that this story is true because Salvos don’t tell lies. Do they Porks?
At the old Guv, Paul had his locker behind Miehle 5. One day whilst out to lunch Paul left his size 17 work boots behind and they were grabbed by “Nigger” Johnson.
Frank quickly nailed them to the Miehle 5 walk board much to the delight of the returning printing machinists.
It is claimed that Paul pushed the Cricket Club bus by himself when it broke down in the Adelaide Hills but we think that is a bit of Barry O’Donnell bullshit.
He played soccer as a Goalie for Windsor Athletics but according to Bob Downs an’ kiss my arse was “hopeless”. The same went for Aussie rules until his career was cut short by a swift kick in the “knackers”.
Paul is married to Glenise and has three adult daughters.
Paul Raby, Printer, Wingnut, “tenor” and 12 pound tourist you are a “Legend”.

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