Laelaps by Paleoartist Charles R. Knight, 1897.

Laelaps by Charles R Knight, 1897
Laelaps were a genus of huge, carnivorous, dinosaurian reptiles from the Cretaceous formation of the United States. They had very large hind legs and tail, and are supposed to have been bipedal. Some of the species were about eighteen feet high.
Knight was one of the foremost American paleoartists, and Laelaps was profoundly influential for its remarkably credible depiction of anatomy and movement.
Note: Some believe that these predators represent the savagely competitive palaeontologists Othniel C Marsh and Edward Drinker Cope, both of whom would blow up dig sites with dynamite to obstruct the other’s discoveries.
Source: Paleoart: the strange history of dinosaurs in art – in pictures | Books | The Guardian

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