Lewis Carroll and ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Lewis Carroll was born Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, on January 27 1832.
His famous pen name did not emerge until much later after his publishing career had got underway.
He was baptised at All Saints’ Church, Daresbury in Cheshire where you can still see the original baptismal font where the Carroll brow was sprinkled with Holy water.
Carroll spent much of his life teaching Maths at Christ Church College in Oxford, where he had rooms and kept many of his personal belongings and papers.
Here he met the Dean of the College Henry Liddell and his family and built up great friendships with the Dean’s daughters.

It was of course Alice, the younger daughter, who was the inspiration for his stories.
On July 4 1862, a bright summer’s day, Carroll and a university colleague, Canon Robinson Duckworth, took the girls – Alice, Lorina and Edith Liddell – on a boat trip and picnic along the river Isis.
Carroll improvised what we now know as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as he and Duckworth rowed along the river.
Intrigued by the story, Alice is said to have asked him to write it down.
Within three years, the complete Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland had been published.
via Alice in Wonderland: on the trail of Lewis Carroll | Culture24.

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