Animal Survivors.

One of only five white rhinos left in the world, mountain gorillas in the wild and threatened gray wolves are among this week’s pick of images from the natural world.
A northern white female rhino named Najin, one of only five sub-species left on the planet, rubs against a tree at Ol Pejeta conservancy in Kenya. Conservationists and scientists are working on a plan to save the species from extinction.
Photograph: Tony Karumba/AFP/Getty Images
A juvenile and a young gorilla of Nyakagezi group, at Mgahinga gorilla national park, the smallest in Uganda. The group frequently moves into the adjacent forests of Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. Uganda has about 400 gorillas. The country is one of only three in the world where mountain gorillas can be found in the wild.
Photograph: Edward Echwalu/Reuters
This picture issued by the Michigan Technological University shows the last three wolves known to live at Isle Royale national park in Lake Superior, Michigan, US. Some scientists are opposed to the idea of removing grey wolves in the Great Lakes region from the endangered species list.
Photograph: Rolf Peterson/A
Source: The week in wildlife – in pictures | Environment | The Guardian

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