Kym and Alex.

As a young hot metal apprentice Kym never believed the stories about Alex that he was ‘tight as a fishes ass hole’.
He thought, ‘Why are people so cruel about Alex’?
Why do they say that he will not spend any money and that he will never open his wallet and buy his wife dinner?
Well, Kym left Adelaide and went to live in Western Australia never knowing the truth about Alex.
He returns 30 years later to attend a function in his honour.
Thinking Alex will finally buy him that beer he promised he waits at the Bar with Alex. And waits…
And waits, and waits… Alex leaves in his Jaguar without a goodbye.
Finally, nice guy Kym realises the awful truth…
Alex Riley is a bloody ‘tightarse’ who can’t remember people’s names.

4 thoughts on “Kym and Alex.

  1. Alexander Riley

    Rod Parham calls Riley a cheap skate – but have you noticed that at Westies Rod now orders from the KIDS MENU. That’s right he nows orders a bowl of chips and brings his own salt.

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