Fog gives a Ghostly Glow to Old Gums.

Image Credit: Photograph by Wayne Clancy · · From Pic of the Week
I woke up early on the weekend and went for a drive along the gravel roads where the black top ends and into the fog.
The beautiful life-giving cold air flowing through my lungs as I take in the views of ducks flying off the dams and the grey roos fleeing through the short green fields as I approach in my old troopy with my camera laying beside me.
Looking out the driver’s side open window I saw the sun break through a small hole in the fog giving a golden ghostly glow behind some old gums.I stopped the old girl and grabbed my camera for a fantastic photo opportunity.
Times like these don’t come along twice and last only a few seconds.
I pointed the camera in the direction of the gums, took one shot and the sun was gone, leaving the bush a spooky grey colour.
I jumped back into my troopy and enjoyed another few hours of driving before returning home with a happy memory and a smile.
Kulin WA 6365
Source: ABC OPEN: Fields of gold || From Project: Pic of the Week

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