Great Shot of ‘Old Guv’ in Adelaide, 1905.

Image: A Wonderful and detailed picture of the Old Guv supplied by David “Gunna” Copley. Well, at least we know he took something from The Guv when he left. Right Click to see the Image larger.
Seriously though we may take the piss out of Copley for being a flashy, suave bullshit artist who wouldn’t work overtime at the Guv.
Much to Fred Hardwicke and Merv “Nobby” Clark’s disgust.
The reason was simple, apart from annoying Ralph Hannant during working hours, he was out at night playing his drums with DC5 (not Dave Clark) and earning big dough in the old days. He wasn’t bad either.
I call him “Gunna” because he is always going to come to our Old Guv Luncheons but never does.
Perhaps on 18 August, 2017 we might be lucky.
Oh! Your comments on the Photograph would be warmly welcomed.
Rod Parham

3 thoughts on “Great Shot of ‘Old Guv’ in Adelaide, 1905.

  1. Don Woolman (Flash)

    Great shot of the Old Guv. The double decker tram is a horse drawn tram. This should give a clue to the date. It may have been before Parliament House was built! I am not sure whether the City Baths is the building next to the printing office. Thanks

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    • Thanks Don, Horse drawn tram, Parliament house was constructed around 1935, but what a lovely little park next to the Guv. It is definitely the City Baths and The Governor is flying the British flag. Which would be right I guess, unfortunately.,



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