A Weird and Wonderful Travelling Circus.

“For years I’ve travelled with my cameras capturing moments in time with the people the road has led me to… A glimpse into parallel worlds travelling in circular motions.”
These are the words of Hunter Barnes, one of the foremost documentary photographers working in America today, concentrating on communities and aspects of American culture often ignored by the mainstream.
The Reel Art Press will present Tickets, Hunter’s photographic account of the American travelling carnival, a vibrant community most had thought lost half a century ago. “A band of nomads. Roaming in open fairgrounds, spinning with colour and sound…”
Hunter’s time on the road with the World of Wonders Sideshow, capturing the people and places of the travelling circus’s grittier sibling.
The sword swallowers, fire eaters and tattooed ladies are all here, defiant and exuberant, captured in striking portraits.
All images: Photographs by Hunter Barnes
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