Secret Plateau Gallery, Montreal.


Fresh work by Ledo, En Masse, Miss Me & Waxhead. Photos by Lisa Sproull
Montreal is a street art paradise, with enormous talent, a collaborative spirit and a rising profile thanks in part to festivals like Under Pressure and Mural Fest.
While most artists enjoy the visibility that comes with finding a great spot, or the recognition from having their work disseminated online, sometimes artists just gotta create for art’s sake.
One such creative outpouring is going down right now in a secret location somewhere in the lower Plateau.
The three-level inner courtyard space has turned into a living gallery representing a who’s who of Montreal’s established and emerging street art community, including organizer TurtleCaps and 38 other participating artists such as En Masse, Starchild Stela, HoarKor, Kevin Ledo, Miss Me, Axe, Tava, X-Ray and MC Baldassari.
3552992d-416f-4a56-b722-842b0c13a428_zpsd02862b4Starchild Stela
The project has been labelled Cabane à Sucre by organizer and NYC transplant TurtleCaps, in homage to a similar intervention called Surplus Candy that was conducted in his home city by NYC artist Hanksy — in that case, over 40 artists decked out a condemned East Village brownstone shortly before the whole structure was downed by the wrecking ball.
TurtleCaps suspects the Cabane à Sucres site will eventually meet a similar fate due to encroaching gentrification, and appreciates how the new collaboration is a way to bring the building back to life, if only briefly before its inevitable death.
via EXCLUSIVE: Secret Plateau street gallery | Cult MTL.

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