Emblems of Love for the Ladies, 1683.

This excellently sub-titled love emblem book from the English poet Philip Ayres is a reworking of emblems originally found in the earlier Thronus Cupidinis.
Each of the forty-four cupid-centred emblems are accompanied on the facing page by a quatrain, written out in four languages: Latin, English, Spanish and French.
The Quatrains sport some wonderful titles, which at times seem to come straight out of the back catalogue of Mills and Boon – “The Voluntary Prisoner”, “The Timerous Adventuror” – and some which offer just straight up advice – “Be Quick and Sure”, “Little by Little”, “Tis Constancy that Gains the Pryze.”
The engravings appearing alongside depict cupid in whole host of different scenarios, including making a barrel, hobbling on one leg, being burnt at the stake, and (seemingly) admonishing a chameleon.
In addition to the emblem and quatrain pages, the book begins with a rather wonderful Sonnet, in French and English, the latter titled “Cupid to the Ladies”:
Please read on via Emblems of Love, in Four Languages: Dedicated to the Ladys (1683) | The Public Domain Review.

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