Four Seasons, Daigo-ji Temple, Japan.

GettyImages-520827475Winter:  Picture: Getty.
A designated World Heritage Site and National Treasure of Japan, the Daigo-ji in Fushimi-ku is one of the world’s most beautiful temples.
Founded in the Heian period in 874, it survived the Onin War in the 1400s, and played host to a hanami cherry blossom viewing party arranged by a famous Samurai in the following century.
Its five-storey pagoda has become a popular tourist attraction, enshrouded by green foliage in the summer, vivid red maple leaves in autumn and nestled among snow-flecked branches in winter.
Autumn:  Picture: Noppawat Charoensinphon/Getty).
fed-expotatoesSpring:  Picture: FedEX_Potatoes/Imgur.
GettyImages-513666451Summer:  Getty Images.
Source: Daigo-ji temple in Kyoto, Japan is beautiful in all four seasons | Culture | The Independent

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  1. What spectacular photos. My friends have just come back from Kyoto, wonder if they saw this.

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  2. A lot better thanks Miriam.


  3. Amazing fantastic snap 😍😍👌

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