The ‘Island of the Dolls’.


The eyes of decapitated dolls blink lazily from their perches in the trees on Mexico’s Isla de las Munecas – ‘Island of the Dolls.’
There’s something undeniably terrifying about seeing what look like naked infants – sometimes remarkably realistic – clinging to the branches or dangling from their necks.
Legend has it that after a little girl drowned in Teshuilo Lake, and island resident Don Julian Santana began collecting dolls and installing them in the trees.
Eventually, their numbers grew into the hundreds.
Don Julian Santana often sourced the dolls from the trash or traded produce for them, taking them in any condition, no matter how dirty or worn.
While many people viewed the doll-infested island as something out of a nightmare, to him it was a shrine.
Tragically, in 2001, Santana was discovered drowned in the same area of the lake where he believed the little girl had perished.
via Forbidden Islands: 7 Abandoned & Isolated World Wonders | Urbanist.

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