Sam, me & The Fight.


Rodney ‘Sam’ Lawn was a very strong young man and loved to show off by hanging one-handed from the ceiling in the Old Guv Comp Room.
We called him “The cheeky Monkey’ but he said his nickname was “Sam” and it came from his Uncle Sam, a Pollie. It sounded like Bullshit.
Friday was Weekly Notice day at The Guv.
On one particular Friday, Sam Lawn and I had an argument and fisticuffs after morning tea. We held each other in headlocks and threw some weak as piss punches at each other.
After 30 seconds, we stopped and said sorry to each other and went back to the work bench noticing Don ‘Keyhole’ Guscott brushing his teeth at the wash basin.
Sam and I looked at each other with a gleam of evil in our eyes. Sam put a headlock on me and we bounced and struggled towards the wash basin and Don.
And, with a huge lurch threw ourselves at “Keyhole”.
Gulp! He nearly swallowed his tooth brush. It scared shit out of him. Our mission was accomplished and we went back to work.
About 60 seconds later Karl ‘Chalky’ Boos (allegedly a Binder) burst through the back-stair doors. He had heard that a vicious, bloody fight was taking place in the Comp room.
We couldn’t believe how fast and wide the news of “the fight” had spread. It was scary!
The late Warren Pietsch,

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