‘The underground Tunnel’ near the Old Guv.

Did you know there was an old railway tunnel just near the Old Guv building in King William Road?
Well there was!
As far as I know it was built in 1886 to service the old Exhibition Building and the Exhibition Oval near Kintore Avenue.
My grandfather Cyril used to tell me that there was a tunnel under King William Road which continued on from the Adelaide Railway Station to the Exhibition Oval in Kintore Avenue.
They held the Royal Adelaide Show there in the late 19th Century as well as some international  sporting events.
These Showgrounds was later transferred to their current position at Wayville.



3 thoughts on “‘The underground Tunnel’ near the Old Guv.

  1. quite correct, young man. The trains used it to go to the Exhibition Oval Showgrounds. The railway line went between the Parade Grounds and the back wall of Government House. Unsure whether it went through the garden that is there or under the walkway on the higher section next to the garden. When KIng William Road was resurfaced back in the 70s the framework for the entrance was visible.


  2. I do believe the tunnel – or tunnels – link the RAH, Courts buildings and Parliament House, even to this day.


  3. I kinda thought the railway ran from south west to north east coming onto the Parade Ground along the line shown in the news photo. This would put it crossing Kintore Ave closer to the river then following Victoria Drive around the old Exhibition Centre. If it followed the Govt. House northern wall, it would run into an embankment at Kintore Ave. Like the quarry on the Old Guv. Printing side, at least the northern wall of Guv. House came from the limestone quarry immediately below the pathway next to the northern wall.Luv printing AND trains


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