Photos of Australia’s Coastline.

Photo: South Australan photographer Che Chorley embarked on a 5,000km journey of the country’s coastline. (Supplied: Che Chorley)
While many of us prepare to embark on our annual summer holiday coastal pilgrimage, a South Australian photographer has just completed a 5,000-kilometre winter odyssey with little more than his bicycle and a camera to share a unique view of Australia’s coastline.
Adelaide-based photographer Che Chorley endured wild weather and separation from his young family to create art from seascapes, landscapes and winter storms.”Winter light really gets me out of bed, literally,” he said.”
It’s light that really grabs you — that interaction between the light after sunset and a big storm rolling through or rain on the water, that’s the environment that I chase.
8128468-3x2-940x627Photo: Mr Chorley said he was inspired by South Australian landscape artist Sir Hans Heysen. (ABC News: Michael Coggan)
Mr Chorley started out at the Western Australian border in the hope that his journey would be assisted by the prevailing westerly winds, but he was hit with some of the wildest weather experienced in southern Australia in years.”It’s been front, after front, after front, it’s been south-west bluster… some pretty interesting nights in the tent,” he said.


“Eighty- to 100-kilometre-per-hour winds and it’s just me in the middle of nowhere and you’re holding on for dear life … and then wake up and ride into that wind.
“But Mr Chorley said it delivered him artistic material in spades. “This is what I set out to do, I wanted to challenge myself emotionally, physically and artistically and this winter has set me straight.”
Read on via SA photographer Che Chorley embarks on coastal odyssey by bike to capture extraordinary images – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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