Fairytale Garden.

majicdaniela5__880Wisteria Princess
Daniela Majic is a portrait photographer from Canada who uses her small attic to create fairytale garden scenes for her latest series called The Secret Garden.
In her blog, she mentions that she treats the set as an art installation.
The set began with a small wall which she covered in flowers. As she produces new concepts she changes the backdrop with paint and adds flowers and grass. She uses hundreds of silk and real flowers to create this look.
Daniela also makes the costumes and plans all of her shoots with a small hair and make-up team. The artist wants to show people that you can create big things in small spaces.
Photographer-create-stunning-fairytale-garden-in-small-attic1__880Madame Papillon
Daniela is planning to collect donations for a charity called “because I am a girl” at her June gallery show.
She already collects funds for the charity by selling prints at her print shop.
Daniela says that it was her childhood upbringing that allowed her to have an imagination that makes her want to do something more for children in need and use her art as a way to give back.
More info: danielamajicphotography.com | 500px | Facebook | Flickr
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