‘Er..better not to get involved.’

Baiting Jim Hosking was a Gazette pastime. Jim had a cupboard near his desk. Inside he kept the blue time docket pads and bars of Soap.
About 10 minutes before knock off Allan Orrock would go to Jim and ask him for a docket pad.
Jim would get his key out, undo the cupboard give Orrock his docket pad and lock up the cupboard again.
When Alan got back to the Government Gazette Staff, Elsdon would then go to Jim and ask for a docket pad.
Then Macca and Jimmy Tennant would follow. By now Jim could smell a rat!
Jim would now have the cupboard open, docket pad in hand as I ambled up.”I suppose you want a docket pad too?” he asked.
“No”, I replied. With that he would put the pad back in the cupboard, lock it and pocket the key.
“Well, what do you want ?” he asked. “A bar of soap please!”
Jim and Jimmy
Jim would get a lift to Netley with Jock Tennant. On one occasion Jimmy was a bit hung over from the night before.
When they reached Marion Road Jock turned left and was heading towards Anzac Highway. Upon reaching Anzac Highway Jim nudged Jock and said. “Er..Er..Shouldn’t we have gone down Richmond Road”
Another time at the Old Guv on a Thursday night about half an hour before knock off Jim wandered down to the Gazette staff and said “How’s Jock?” he asked.
“Pissed!”, we all answered. “Oh, bugger!” Jim replied. “He’s taking me Home.
Jim wasn’t confident with his ability in being a Foreman. He would often ask the Comp or Apprentice if the Proof he was about to sign was “OK to Print”.
If there was a broken serif or a letter “i” with it’s dot missing you could say to him, “That’s OK Jim”. and he would say “Are You Sure”.
“Yeah, she’s right!” and he would sign the Proof OK.
It wasn’t something that we did too often. But that’s how unsure of himself he could be.
Jim served in World War II and was yet another one of the many fine gentlemen who worked at The Old Guv.

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