Male Lyrebirds Birdy Rock Stars.


Photo: Craig Dingle, Getty.
Male Lyrebirds, native to Australia, are considered the rock stars of the aviary world.
These amazing creatures can imitate the sounds of at least 20 different species of birds almost to perfection as well as any other sounds they hear in their environment, from camera shutters to car alarms and chainsaws.
And just like human rock stars, the lyrebirds use their best sounds to attract and impress the females.
Although beautiful in their own way, female lyrebirds aren’t exactly spectacular.
They don’t take part in the imitating, nor are they particularly attractive. But the males put up an elaborate show, singing a medley of mimicry to attract the females during mating season.
They even set the stage beforehand, by clearing a space on the forest floor and building a mound of earth to serve as a concert platform.
Later, they assume their positions on these mounds and the mimicry begins.
As they sing, they spread out their handsome 28-inch long tail feathers, enhancing the performance a great deal. But the song is the most important part.
The more varied the repertoire, the more attractive the male lyrebirds seem to their potential mates.
This is important, because the females need to be persuaded to come closer to admire the pretty plumage.
And what better way to do it than with a great song?
via Animals | Oddity Central – Collecting Oddities.

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