The Early days of Hollywood, 1920.


Circa 1935 view of a wet Hollywood Boulevard decorated for the holidays. Courtesy of the California Historical Society Collection, USC Libraries.
In the early 1910s, native residents of Hollywood despised the movie makers because they brought their East Coast habits and customs with them.
Hollywood was a sleepy farm town until movie makers like Cecille B. Demille, Jesse Laskey, L.L. Burns and Harry Revier started leasing portions of peoples’ orchards to run their movie production companies.
The movies took off and more and more people came from the east to become famous and make some money in this new exciting medium.
Struggling Broadway actors saw this as their opportunity to finally make it, young attractive women came from their homes in Nebraska to be part of something and make a name for themselves.
Fabulous Photos of Famous Flappers (18)
Not everyone was happy about all the development, the local resident decried movies for sending “girls to hell as fast as can the German conquerors.”
Even before prohibition was passed, cigarettes, cigars and alcohol were all “banned” from studio lots (though this rule was not enforced), and Hollywood Boulevard had a strict 10:30 curfew.
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