A Tale of Two Men, East London.

This is the tale of two men.
One, Joseph Markovitch, born in 1927 into a Hoxton of raucous music and grinding poverty and who has lived in East London for over 86 years. Joseph represents the old east London.
The other is Martin Usborne, photographer and Hoxton Mini Press co-founder.
It began by chance in 2007 when Martin Usborne spied Joseph Markovitch from the window of his photographic studio.
The elderly man cut an incongruous figure, ambling across Hoxton Square with a tatty plastic bag in hand.
Martin has highlighted Joseph in this photograph.
East London Photo Stories is published by Hoxton Mini Press . Chapters by Rachel Segal Hamilton
Image Credit: Photograph by Martin Usborne.
Source: Hackney marshes, markets, moonlight and motherhood – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian