Learning to Speak like an Aussie from Out an’ About.

What do you say if someone says “wanna come over Saturday arvo for a barbie?”
If you speak English you might not think you need a dictionary, but learn a few choice phrases and you’ll be ready for almost anything over here.
Okay, here are a few basic words worth knowing:
Owya goin = how are you?
Arvo = afternoon
Fair dinkum= true
Ripper = really great
Biccy = biscuit
Choccy biccy = chocolate biscuit
Chockers = very full
She’ll be right = everything will be alright
Understanding us should be easy as pie now. And you should be right to head out to that barbie.
Good on ya mate!
Article courtesy of the Wonderful blog about Australia, Out an’ About by Miriam, a very seasoned and insighttful explorer of our great country.
via Ten reasons to visit Australia – Out an’ About

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