‘The Atlas of Beauty’.

Could you be the most beautiful girl in the world?
The late Prince wondered it and many of us joined him in his pondering, but Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc is proving that holding the title “most beautiful girl in the world” is an impossible feat.
There is so much beauty everywhere- in every country across the globe and trying to compare would be a shame. Noroc has been focused on finding this beauty and has backpacked the globe with her camera to document her findings in The Atlas of Beauty.
Noroc has traveled to more than 60 countries and photographed beautiful women in 37 of them.
A pretty genius way to travel the world and have something gorgeous to show for it. Landscape pics get boring, but looking at stunning women never gets old.
Check out more work by Mihaela Noroc on her website.

From Top to  Bottom: Kichwa woman in the Amazonian rainforest; Woman from Yangon, Myanmar; Maori woman, New Zealand; Woman from California, U.S.A.; Columbian woman, The Americas.
See more Images via The Atlas of Beauty: Photographer Seeks Out Gorgeous Girls All Over the World.

4 thoughts on “‘The Atlas of Beauty’.

  1. I grew up being told the only beautiful women were what anglos would deem ‘ethnic’ meaning Asian, Black, Hispanic. My father believed anglo women were ugly for the most part and ‘ethnic’ were far more beautiful. So I hated my own looks and hated the idea of having anglosized looks for years. Funny because then when I met ‘ethnic’ they said I was beautiful. Proof that beauty is biased and unable to really be said to be in just one type of appearance. I still biasedly believe women of color are more beautiful than anglo women but this is a really lovely collection of all kinds of beauty.

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