‘Fill it up Cobber.’

I miss the days where either the Garage owner or pump attendant would wander out to “pull” petrol for you when you pulled up on the garage driveway.
Here are some old Aussie Servos to have a gander at.
But first, you’ll note there are no self serve servos.
I hated them with a passion, mainly because it meant people losing jobs all around the industry.
I avoided self serve garages for a long time (just like ATM’s) right up until 1993, when I couldn’t find anyone to serve me unless I pretended that I just had a heart attack.




2 thoughts on “‘Fill it up Cobber.’

  1. my father- and this is going back to the 60s in sydney – when pulling into a service station would say to the attendant: ‘fill it up, chief.’ the expression seemed to me then as now, as both patronising and blokey-bloke talk. no one else seemed to be a ‘chief’- just the petrol pump guy.

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    • Dear reretro,
      Your Dad sounds like a bloody good bloke. You would have only been in nappies at the time, wouldn’t you? Good memory.


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