Bats by Ernest Haeckel c.1904.

30525603876_2f3ab52093_hPlate 67 from Ernst Haeckel’s visually dazzling Kunstformen der Natur, (Art Forms of Nature), published in 1904.
With the assistance of Jena artist-lithographer Adolf Giltsch, Haeckel produced one hundred plates depicting the forms of animal life.
With this book Haeckel wanted to create an “aesthetics of nature” and to show how the incessant struggle for existence he had learnt from Darwin was in fact producing an endless beauty and variety of forms – Darwin and Humboldt combined together.
Focusing mainly on marine animals, the bat is one of the only mammals featured in the book, but the page of surprisingly cute “chiroptera” is certainly one of the book’s most striking offerings.
The full line up is:
1-2: Brown Long-eared Bat  3: Lesser Long-eared Bat  4: Lesser False Vampire Bat  5: Big-eared Woolly Bat  6-7: Tomes’s Sword-nosed Bat  8: Mexican Funnel-eared Bat  9: Antillean Ghost-faced Bat  10: Flower-faced Bat  11: Greater Spear-nosed Bat  12: Thumbless Bat  13: Greater Horseshoe Bat  14: Wrinkle-faced Bat  15: Spectral Bat
Read more about Kunstformen der Natur and how it relates to Haeckel’s philosophy of “monoism” in our essay “Ernst Haeckel and the Unity of Culture” by Dr Mario A. Di Gregorio; and read more about Haeckel’s role in one of science’s great controversies in our essay “Copying Pictures, Evidencing Evolution” by Nick Hopwood.
Source: Ernst Haeckel’s Bats (1904) | The Public Domain Review

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