‘The Hoons of Australia’ c.1970s.

At the Pub Brisbane 1982

A Hoon is a male Aussie Wanker generally from Queensland or New South Wales who thinks he is a supercharged Vin Diesel when he gets behind the wheel of his car.
They like to do “burn outs” and go the wrong way down a one way street. They love playing “chicken” with other morons.
They get pissed on a Saturday Arvo with their mates, wear thongs, (see above), look scruffy and talk like arseclowns.
They like big angry dogs and they pretend they hate sheilas (ladies).
And they definitely don’t like rich blokes like the one below, who can be seen here drinking wine from a bloody tin can.
What a bloody disgrace this bloke is to Aussie manhood!


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