The day a young John Monash had a yarn with Ned Kelly.

Photo: General Sir John Monash (1865-1931.
Famous World War One Australian General Sir John Monash was once asked to name two highlights of his life, his reply is absolutely fascinating.
Sir John  replied that one was when he called a council of war just before we broke the Hindenburg line and he other was when he had a yarn with Ned Kelly.
Photo: Ned Kelly, Bushranger (1854-1880).
Sir John gave details on the story about Ned Kelly:
“I was a school kid at Jerilderie,” explained Sir John, “when Ned Kelly and his gang took possession of the township and held it for three days.”
While in Jerilderie Ned Kelly and his men went to some of the hotels in the town, treating everyone civilly.
Bushranger Hart took a watch from the Reverend J. B. Gribble, but returned it to Gribble at Ned Kelly’s request.
The group left about 7 pm in an unknown direction. The disarmed and unhorsed police had no other means of following the gang.
Sir John continued, “That was in February,1879. Like all the other youngsters in the place, I was keen to get a glimpse of the famous outlaw.
So I went round in the morning, rather early, to the hotel which Ned had made his headquarters, and saw him come out of the place and squat on the verandah’s edge to have a smoke.
He beckoned me over, asked me my name, and so forth, and then gave me a short lecture.
A Sunday school superintendent couldn’t have given me better advice as to human conduct..”
Source: Trove Australia and Dennis Grover.

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