A Guide to using ‘The Mouth Pipette’.

Don’t worry, mate, I heard you tentatively whisper, “just what exactly is mouth pipetting, dare I ask?”
Like so: insert an open-ended glass capillary tube into your mouth.
Place the opposite, tapered end of the tube into a solution of your choice.
Microbial stews, blood, cell culture, it is totally your call.
With a method that carefully mimics the sucking of a straw, draw a solution upwards through your man-made pipette to your desired volume using the tension created by the reduced air pressure – yes, suction!
Maintain the tension with your mouth.
Do not suck too hard and inadvertently slurp the solution into your mouth.
Careful now. Gently move the pipette end from one vessel and release your precious cargo into yet another vessel.
There you go. Done.
Rod Parham

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