Early days of the McDonald Brothers first Restaurant,1948.

Innovation has also been one of the differentiating factors that has helped stay ahead of competition.

One major example is the McDonalds drive-thru, which was the result of a problem it faced near a military base in Arizona where soldiers in a certain locale weren’t permitted to get out of their cars while wearing their fatigues.

Thus came about the idea of Drive-thru which was an instant hit across the U.S.

In 1937, Patrick McDonald opened The Airdrome, a food stand. Hamburgers were ten cents. In 1940, his two sons, Maurice and Richard (Mac and Dick), moved the entire building to San Bernardino, California.

The restaurant was renamed “McDonald’s Bar-B-Q” and served twenty five barbecued items on their menu.

In October 1948, after the McDonald brothers realized that most of their profits came from selling hamburgers, they closed down their drive-in to establish a system with a simple menu of just hamburgers, cheeseburgers, french fries, shakes, soft drinks, and apple pie.

The drive-in was eliminated to make a self-serve way of dining. Mac and Dick McDonald set up their kitchen like an assembly line to make sure they were at maximum efficiency.

The restaurant’s name was again changed, this time to simply “McDonald’s,” and reopened on December 12, 1948.

Source: The McDonald Brothers in Front of the Not Yet Opened First McDonald’s in San Bernardino, CA, November 1948 ~ vintage everyday

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