The Crawley Boatshed.

This week’s reader photo was taken by Amber Ramento in Crawley, Western Australia.
Thousands of motorists drive past this cute weatherboard structure and its timber boardwalk each day but few would know the history of this Swan River icon.
Thought to have been originally constructed in the 1930s – though nobody seems to know exactly when it was built – it been rebuilt and repaired on a number of occasions, and has had lots of uses.
It would, being built in the 1930s, have been designed for a pleasure craft of some sort – a sailing boat or rowing boats – that would have cruised the Swan River, past the Crawley baths and other boatsheds dotting the shoreline.
In the 1940’s it was bought by Nattrass family, who had purchase the property behind the boatshed.
At the time, the boatshed was purchased for an additional 5 pounds when the family bought the property.
The family then built a larger, more modern boatshed around the original.
Read on via Reader photo: Crawley Boatshed – Australian Geographic.

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